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Whether they use pyrotechnics, a live band. Jean Michael Jarre performed in skyscrapers giving one spectacular performance. Over the years, his popularity grew, and he became one of the biggest singers in all of Italy. Some of the acts included: Because of the incredible acts, the Live 8 Philadelphia concert drew in more than 1.5 million fans that stretched down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for over a mile and that doesnt even count the millions tuning in on their TVs around the world. To follow in Live Aids footsteps, the 2005 Live 8 concert series brought in dozens of music superstars from all over the world to play concerts simultaneously throughout the day. This limited-run, signed edition will contain a full-functioning AC/DC amplifier, as well as a limited edition of 50,000 copies. 15 Biggest Concerts of All Time (2023 List), 1. Here is a list of the top ten largest concerts in the world to give you some idea about how small your gatherings have been: 10. It had more than 1.5 million fans in attendance. Many people came together in an expression of love and passion during the early years of the Love Parade: Sadly, after plenty of successful years, tragedy struck in 2010 when a crowd crush took 21 lives and injured 500 other concert attendants. Many people believe that over 4 million people attended this incredible concert. The event took place right in downtown Houston and was named the Rendez-vous Houston: A City in Concert. And when it comes to size, many concert-goers prefer to go big or go home! It was the largest gathering of people in the history of the Woodstock Festival. Alex Kompo: Former Siesta Key star's life and latest updates. 1,600,000 attendance. When two of hip-hop's biggest stars hook up for a collaborative tour, you know there is money to be made. The crowd surge victims include a 14-year-old who loved baseball, two friends celebrating a 21st birthday and a 27-year-old attending the concert with his fiancee. He would go on to break the largest concert record three more times over the course of his career! Jorge Ben Jor is a Brazilian pop singer who mixes funk, rock, samba, and bossa nova to create uniquely Brazilian pieces that speak of the struggles of the country and the Brazilian way of life often in humorous or satiric ways. With incredible headliners including Ziggy Marley and rock supergroup Prophets of Rage, around 1 million people showed up to enjoy the festivities. . The city of Houston, Texas was celebrating its 150th anniversary, and they needed a big performance to really showcase the city. This was the first concert to ever break the 3 million attendee mark, and only a handful have beaten it ever since. More than 1.3 million people turned out April 5, 1986, on an overcast Saturday night to see French composer Jean-Michel Jarre's "Rendez-vous Houston: A City in Concert." The show landed the city . Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast members profiles, real names, net worth. The Paz Sin Fronteras Concert II was hosted at the LaPlaza de la Revolucinin Havana, and 1.1 million people were in attendance. Rod Stewarts concert in 1984 attracted 3.54 million people. The Donauinselfest 2016 music festival set a new record for the most people attending a music festival. The festival commenced on September 28, 1991, at the Tushino Airfield just outside of Moscow. Headliners AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera, The Black Crowes, and E.S.T. Top 10 CRAZIEST RAP CONCERTS (2017-2018) - YouTube 0:00 / 5:59 Top 10 CRAZIEST RAP CONCERTS (2017-2018) maritime boy 55.4K subscribers Subscribe 17K Share 1.1M views 4 years ago All rights. On New Years Eve, 1993, more than 3 million people crowded the Rio De Janeiro beaches to hear Jorge Ben Jor play his set. Rap concerts are absolutely terrible and the crowd is full of posers. Jarre performs four of the X concerts on this list. In fact, the festival has an aggregate attendance of more than 750,000 people, making it one of the largest music festivals in the world. To make sure that no one was left out as a result of being unable to attend the show in person, the show was broadcasted on TV in Brazil, and through satellite and internet for people around the globe. Not bas considering it isn't even a world tour! His Rende-vous Houston concert pulled 1.3 million people in downtown Houston on April 5, 1986. Paz sin Fronteras II took place in Cuba in front of the Plaza de la Revolucin. Jean-Michel Jarre - Moscow (1997) 3.5. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Over four months in 2013 Jay Z performed 52 shows in Europe and America - his first solo headlining tour in four years. Home Concerts 15 Biggest Concerts of All Time (2023 List). The biggest concerts ever held there were The Rolling Stones in 1995, attended by 127,000 people, and Pink Floyd in 1994, which was attended by 110,000 fans. The brilliant mind of Jean Michel Jarre is at it again. The two cities participating were London, England and Philadelphia, PA in the United States. Although Run-D.M.C . But well get to those later. Below is a list of the largest crowds at a music concert in history. Largest music concerts of all time worldwide as of 2018, based on attendance (in millions) Characteristic. Heck, thats where the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were signed! The show, which concluded AC/DC . What a" Austin Richard Post (born July 4, 1995), known professionally as Post Malone, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and guitarist. The violence that broke out the night of Aug. 6, 1986, between rival gang members at the Run-D.M.C. The 2008 artist list included some of the top electronic artists in the world: Although there were dozens of different concerts going on simultaneously over the weekend, 1.6 million attendees still makes it one of the largest concerts ever. Metallicas 1991 Monsters of Rock festival in Moscow is also widely regarded as one of the greatest concerts of all time. Jean Michel Jarre at State University of Moscow (1997) 3.5 million attendees, 3. The 2008 Love Parade took place in Dortmund, Germany on a closed-down highway. Bey's third concert tour brought in $90 million - the same as Rihanna's 2011 'Diamonds' - pretty impressive seeing as it took place five years earlier. The Beach Boys Independence Day Concert (1985) 1 million attendees, 12. biggest rap concert crowd everpigeon forge 2 bedroom cabin. Incredible to be part of his biggest concert crowd ever. But as mentioned before, this wasnt Jean Michel Jarres first run-in with record-setting performances. There have been several performances throughout history to achieve a million or more attendees, making them the largest concerts of all time. The concert crossed an impressive $31.2 million. While the combined 162,000 attendees is far from making a record, the 1.9 billion people watching live from their homes all over the world certainly would! There was a crowd of approximately 10, 000 present at the first festival, held in Sydney, and nearly all of them were present at Nirvana's set, with just a 6,000 capacity . Its been a busy year for the band, with performances at Coachella in April and Rock in Rio in August. One of the highest grossing tours of the last decade is Jay Z's 'Magna Carter World Tour.' The legendary Rod Stewart brought the roof down through his performance. Regrettably, The primary purpose of the Love Parade was. In 2013, Brandy played a concert in South Africa at an arena with 90,000 seats. recently published a list of the biggest fandoms in the world you should check out. The total gross of the tour was over $141.0 million, and we're sure Rih saw a nice chunk of that. This wonderful concert was held atop the highest hill in Moscow, enabling everyone in the city to enjoy some of the laser and light shows. While Donauinselfest is the highest-attended music festival at one location, other national and international festivals boast more visitors. This time, it was Jorge Ben Jor. Youd think after 44 years of playing together (at the time), theres no way they could make even more of a bang than they already had. Love Parade was first held in West Berlin in 1989. The legendary Rod Stewart brought the roof down through his performance. Copacabana Beach is excitingly famous worldwide for hosting the most attended concerts in history. Spirits were high, and the democratic-minded youths of Moscow couldnt get enough of the heavy, pumping sounds of western metal. On December 31, 1993, this was proven when Jorge Ben Jor hosted a New years Eve concert. What happened to All-4-One? Live 8 Philadelphia (2005) 1.5 million attendees, 8. The headliner for the event was the record-breaking Jean-Michael Jarre, a French superstar who had been featured in many large concerts around the world. Philadelphia was one of the major sites of revolution during the American fight for independence back in 1776. Nine people died at Travis Scott's Astroworld festival in Houston last week, putting a spotlight once again on safety at large concerts. Oasis - Knebworth Festival (8/10-11/96) If there's one live performance that launched one of the biggest bands of the '90s into superstardom, it's this one. Are the band members still together? Rod Stewart's 1994 New year's Eve concert at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest concert in history. biggest rap concert crowd ever Here is a list of the fifteen biggest concerts of all time. Rod Stewart treated the crowd to a setlist of favorites with an exciting encore. Mix a great venue with a great band, and you get a great turnout. I don't think they played in any of the 100K capacity stadium in the US, I wouldn't be surprised if their biggest crowd was the Wembley live in 2015. When it comes to rock concerts, the bigger the crowd, the better. Check out this video of Keith Urban rocking the stage at Live 8 Philly. At the time TomorrowWorld was the largest dance music event in North America. Ye's 'Yeezus' tour, his first solo tour in five years, brought in over $30 million according to Pollstar, with $3 million of that coming from back-to-back Madison Square Garden shows in New York and $25 being made in just 18 of the US dates. It took place in the Chattahoochee Hills outside of Atlanta, Georgia. All in a night's work. Massive canvases were hung from many of the skyscrapers in the city which showed light and laser shows synchronized to the electronic music. Jean Michel Jarre performed the songs in the Rendez-vous Houston: A City in Concert concert. Although the event always attracts a large crowd, the 2008 Love Parade Festival hit a record-breaking of 1.6 million attendees. If theres anything better than a life-changing rock concert, its a chance to see the legendary Rolling Stones for free! How many people were at the biggest concert? Everyone knows that. Be the first to get hottest news from our Editor-in-Chief, Check your email and confirm your subscription. Almost every artist at the Love Parade performs electronic music. The Rolling Stones, had claimed the highest-grossing tour multiple times, with the latest being A Bigger Bang Tour(currently the fifth). The A Bigger Bang concert tour turned out to be the top grossing tour of 2006. If you want to check out this energetic concert, heres a clip from the performance. The event drew approximately 450,000 people to its conclusion. According to sources Trio Mio's net worth is currently estimated to . AC/DC was welcomed back to the stage by nearly 200,000 fans (over three sold-out nights). Russias capital city celebrated its 850th birthday in 1997 with a momentous performance. On Dec. 3, 1979, a . Before the late 1980s, the regulations that restricted the Russian people banned foreign influences like Western rock music. The 850th Moscow Concert anniversary in 1997 recorded one of the largest concert attendance in history. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, this wasnt enough for Jarrehe then broke his own record three times! Jean Michel Jarre at State University of Moscow (1997) - 3.5 million attendees 3. Four years before his record-setting performance at the State University of Moscow, Jean Michel Jarre was getting ready to perform in his native France for the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, also known as Bastille Day. It even earned a spot in the Guinness World Records. Antonello Venditti is an Italian singer/songwriter who became famous in the 1970s for his hard-hitting songs that touched on countless social themes. The year was 1985. The Largest Concerts Ever Held in the World 1. Naturally, everyone in Rome was ecstatic, and they needed to celebrate with a major live performance. The article has listed them below. The concert was also supposed to celebrate the launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle launch, and NASAs 25th anniversary, but after the shuttle exploded above the launch pad, it turned into a night of remembrance for those lost. Want to get in on the action yourself? I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. While that might be impressive, it was nothing compared to the major turnout for the second concert of the series, Paz sin Fronteras II. The Society of Rock reported that 70,000 people watched as ACDC made history in Donington Park in 1991. Jarre had just finished up his Oxygene Tour and agreed to put on the performance of a lifetime. 9 Backstreet Boys - 73,337 The Backstreet Boys were at the height of their popularity when they drew over 73,000 fans into the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on February 19, 2000. Watch Queen take the stage like never before in this video from Live Aid 1985, and youll easily see why 1.9 billion people just had to tune in and see it for themselves! Since this is definitely one of those performances you have to see to believe, check out this video of the full concert. The British rocker was set to perform the New Years Eve show on the pristine Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 2.3.23. I like listening to rap music, and I think that the musicians and producers are both very talented. The third Woodstock Festival was held from August 15-17, 1978, in Watkins Glen, New York. For this concert, Jean Michel Jarre had the entire city as his stage. In 1997, Jean Michael Jarres 850th anniversary concert in Moscow drew more than 3 million people. That makes the magnificent Moscow concert Jarres fourth record-breaker. But if theres one thing you know about hard rock fans, its not easy to stop them. Over only 57 shows the 'Watch The Throne' tour took in over $75 million, with Kanye pocketing just under $600,000 per night and Jay Z $800,000. Usher's 2011 'OMG' tour brought in the same amount as 'Watch The Throne' - $75 million, but it took 16 more shows to do so and trips to America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Want to get a taste of what these festivities felt like? More than 1.5 million fans turned out to see Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts take the stage and do what theyve done best for over half a century. To support one of her best-selling albums 'I Am Sasha Fierce' Beyonc went on her fourth concert tour with her all-female band in 2008/2009 with the 'I Am World Tour'. The music sounds much worse, and the artist just stands on stage jumping up and down the whole time. One of the biggest ideas was to throw a worldwide charity concert headlined by the biggest musicians around the world and have it broadcast simultaneously around the world from two stages in separate cities. (Photo by Martin Philbey) ***Ed Sheeran. Now, music superstars can perform for bigger crowds than ever before, with some venues even climbing into the millions! AT&T Stadium. In line with the release of the Rendezvous album, the concert was also in celebration of the Space Challenger shuttle. List of the Largest Concerts Ever 1. Of course, this wasnt Jean Michel Jarres first run-in with million-plus person shows. Since it was a world televised event, there are tons of videos available online of the various performances. Besides bringing people together, music concerts are also a good way to enjoy spectacular performances. Copacabana beach's A Bigger Banger concert takes a spot on the list of largest concert crowds. Even though there have been numerous other concerts with larger attendance totals, Rod Stewarts record stands out for demonstrating how a large name and a big production can draw a large audience. List of all female ESPN hosts you should watch this 2023. Scott Legato / Getty Images. Enter Sandman is regarded as Metallicas swan song, and it contains the theme of childhood nightmares. The crowd at their March 12, 1967 performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl - estimated at 200,000 people - was immortalised in the Guinness Book of Records the following year as the biggest concert attendance ever in the southern hemisphere. In 2008, the Love Parade reached its attendance peak. The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only. The Monsters of Rock music festival was a yearly hard rock festival that got all the best heavy rock bands in the world together to play one epic concert. One of the highest grossing tours of the last decade is Jay Z's 'Magna Carter World Tour.' Over four months in 2013 Jay Z.

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