peterbilt front air leaf suspension

The Peterbilt Flex air suspension has a ride height of 8.50 inches. It is also known as ground clearance. . Prestige - Sterling Gray. Our team is ready to assist you! But its noteworthy to consider that this suspension system is one of the earliest suspensions of Peterbilt and many technology and features came later in the trucking industry. E-mail us or give us a call to place your order. pins/bolts to replace your worn leaf springs with excellent quality Improves ride. Hence, the need to adjust the ride height. Our Winamac location has over 80,000 square feet of parts and service facilities with over 80 acres of salvage units and parts storage. Details Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days. ******* Enter a part number or model in the product search field below. As such, these models with flex air suspension cannot be sourced directly from Peterbilt anymore. When you have already parked the vehicle, loosen the hose clamp and find the rod down where you can increase and decrease the height of the air suspension. Part Number Description No. I Need CDL Training EnterpriseNli Sales, Inc. Jasper JASPER AL. Options include a variety of front and rear suspension choices including Peterbilt's Front Air Leaf Suspension. This Item Normally Ships in 10-20 Business Days, This Item Normally Ships in 5-10 Business Days. The suspension offers low chassis height and improved tank applications. Some items will not apply to this great shipping policy, and will be clearly marked. However, should you want to buy a truck with Flex air suspension, you can purchase the models mentioned above from authorized sellers of used or second-hand vehicles. The Peterbilt Flex air suspension has a ride height of 8.50 inches. For convenience we can ship parts directly to you, or you can pick up at one of our 9 locations across the Midwest. 2012 Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Suspension USED - Suspension only, Does not include housings Item:25323478 Sioux Falls, SD $1376.00 Add To Cart 2005-2024 Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Suspension - Used USED - Suspension only, Does not include housings Item:25318908 Council Bluffs, IA $2200.00 Add To Cart 2005-2024 Kenworth AG400L Suspension - Used Serving Car & Truck Fleet Management Professionals, Serving EV Intenders & Professionals In Commercial & Public Fleets, Serving Corporate, Executive, & Financial Managers Of Large Commercial Fleets, Serving Leaders In Fleet Mobility & Emerging Technology, Serving Public Sector Fleet Professionals, Serving Medium & Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Professionals, Serving Transit Bus, Private Motorcoach, & Passenger Rail Professionals, Serving School & Pupil Transportation Fleet Professionals, Serving Vocational & Service Fleet Professionals. Your Price: $305.56 Peterbilt - Low Mount Air Leaf Single/Tandem Rear Air Suspension. We ship nationwide! We respect your data and privacy. Most Flex air suspension problems seem small or not a big deal; hence, they are mostly taken for granted. Peterbilt Flex Air Suspension Ride Height. 4 Years Send e-mail if you want an update on sold out items or have any question. However, these problems, when not resolved, may cause severe damage to the entire suspension. HAD EATON DSP40 & RSP40 REAR ENDS. Davidlee, Jun 26, 2013. Add to Cart. dbennett48 Old Fart Joined Nov 12, 2009 890 Posts If you want to know everything about Petes flex air suspension, read on to learn more. My 1993 Peterbilt 379 EXHD has always rode rough. Dirks1206 - Peterbilt Front Suspension 3-1/2 Wide Leaf Spring, 5 Center to Center, 1-1/4 OD, 5-39/64 Long Spring Pin Toggle switch control. You will only be charged for shipping items that don't count towards this policy and one of our truck experts will call you. Part Info (800)599-9551 . the truck does have 40K rears but if i do a swap i was hoping to do a 46K Reece38, Apr 19, 2015 #3 td25c Senior Member Joined: Feb 14, 2009 Messages: 5,251 Location: indiana Mirrors. It is a good thing for truck operators who wish to gain more profit from a payload. Passenger side. It offers frame modifications and alterations, equipment installation, and a complete repair facility. Part Info. Elite Truck Parts Service Relay Valve ID: ETP-110197, Hendrickson Height Control Valve ID: VS-29392, Paccar Solenoid Valve Normally Closed | G90-6051, Automann Height Control Valve ID: 171.H101OE, Phillips Heavy Duty Drain Valve ID: 12-822, Valve Height Control Assembly ID: 25522048, Peterbilt Kit-Linkage Low Air ID: 32068BRK. Peterbilt Air Leaf Drive Axle Suspension Parts. and coming factory with full locking rears. Suspension Type Item Air Leaf with Tracking Rods Low and Low-Low Air Leaf Tandem (built . VIN #: 1XP5DB8XXTN422483. Peterbilt LX Driver. Peterbilt Parts offers free shipping on orders that surpass $99. The compressor is crucial to the suspension because it maintains the air springs to be inflated. Lane Departure Warning. To do this easily, make sure that the truck is parked on a flat surface. Does the Peterbilt Flex Air Suspension need Maintenance? USED 2002 PETERBILT 379 CUTOFF LOW AIR LEAF. I know this is a 93' year model with air leaf suspension and isn't going to ride as smooth as the newer style suspension but it seems like it should ride a little smoother. It houses new, rebuilt, and used truck parts, as well as providing truck, trailer, and equipment sales. ******* For security an account is required for check out and tax exemption. 75-178HD Heavy Duty Peterbilt Leaf Spring Assembly (Made in the USA) $1,035.74. Low air suspension refers to the fifth wheel height from the ground. We ship nationwide! Besides routine inspections, its also best to keep the service schedule to a professional mechanic. attacks or slurs, hate speech, demonstrably false information, excessive profanity, or that are thinly veiled promotions for a product, will not be approved. Contact Us +1 305-884-7899 Sold By: 4 Trucks Enterprises LLC Miami, Florida 33178 REMANUFACTURED TANDEM CUTOFF WITH PETERBILT AIR TRAC 46,000LBS SUSPENSION, DS461 EATON DIFFERENTIALS RATIO:3.70, PILOT METRIC HUBS, COMPLETE, READY TO WORK, ALSO MANY TANDEMS IN STOCK Get Shipping Quotes Apply for Financing 6 Updated: Wed, Feb 15, 2023 1:15 PM Hood. Check to make sure that your tires are inflated equally and that you axle cross locks are fully disengaging. However, frequent maintenance is not required to maintain its optimal condition. Create Estimate. The highest air suspension a Peterbilt has is the Air leaf with 11.70 inches. 1996 PETERBILT LOW AIR LEAF Cutoff Assembly (Housings & Suspension Only) Diff Model: DS404, 3.55 ratio REAR ONLY. The efficiency of a vehicle can be determined by its ride height. You can purchase at Peterbilt trucks with Air Trac, Air Leaf, and Low Air Leaf as these are suspension systems used by newer Peterbilt models. The front suspension and rear suspension schematics allow for easy online ordering of your KW parts. QUADRAFLEX 4 SPRING TANDEM REAR. Jun 26, 2013 #5. Front Air Leaf) Front Air Suspension, Kenworth - Air Glide 130 (Peterbilt Front Air Leaf) Front Air Kenworth Air Glide 130 (Peterbilt Air Leaf) Front Air Suspension, Kenworth Air Glide 130 Peterbilt Air Leaf Springs, Bushing 1 3/4" OD x 6 11/16'' L x 5 7/16" C-C, Bushing 1 3/4" OD x 7 1/2" L x 6 5/16" C-C, T Series 2004+, 59" L Springs, Side Bar 6 5/16" L x 4" C-C x 1 1/4", 1 1/16" Pin Holes, U-Bolt Kit 3/4" x 4" x 6 7/8" L (2 per Spring), choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Kenworth - Air Glide 130 (Peterbilt Front Air Leaf) Front Air Suspension Key: Part Number: Description: No. Type. Buy. Besides the Flex air suspension, Peterbilt vehicles are also equipped with other suspension systems: Air Leaf, Air Trac, Low Air leaf, and Low Low Air leaf. Unfortunately, not all semi trucks have air suspension as there are many types of suspension a vehicle can use. We've been in the heavy duty truck and trailer parts business for decades, and started selling light truck accessories online in 2000. No shim under leaf springs. . The air supply is engine air compressor, the air tanks, air valves, and air lines. The primary responsibility of this feature is to provide ride quality and ease of handling to the vehicle. Other components may not have a huge function in the air suspension, but they are vital for the entire suspension to work. Peterbilt - Conventional/Cab Over Front Suspension (4" Wide Springs) Key: Part Number: Description: No. The engine air compressor supplies air for every piece of air equipment on the vehicle. $94.98. I have a 2014 peterbilt 389 with factory front air leaf suspension, just wondering what the ride height should be and - Answered by a verified Technician. 2023 Heavy Duty Trucking, Bobit. 2006 pete 379 pete low air leaf suspension, abs, 54" spread, 40000 lbs ETP-8713. Shop our large inventory of New/Used Peterbilt LOW AIR LEAF Suspensions for sale online. Some items will not apply to this great shipping policy, and will be clearly marked. 888864 Air Bag, Replaces Peterbilt & KW Low Air Leaf 03-08716 & C81-1011, Includes Bottom Stud, Meritor M85069 AllFit Shock Absorber, Peterbilt Low Air Leaf & Kenworth AG400L, Hendrickson Height Control Valve with Integral Dump Valve, Use Only On Trucks, SRK168 Linkage Kit for Suspension Leveling Valves, TMR553 Peterbilt/Kenworth Torque Rod, Rubber Bushings, 25-9/16" C to C, PTP RB-268 Anti-Walk Straddle Bushing, 5.672" C to C, PTP MPB7546PTP Peterbilt Air Spring Stud, Replaces Peterbilt 27-01746 & 2701746, Atro PB46-26268 Pivot Bushing, Anti-Walk, High Confinement, 75-173 LH Z-Spring, Front of Rear, Peterbilt/KW AG210, 75-175 RH Z-Spring, Front of Rear, Peterbilt/KW AG210/400L. We are excited to anounce our new location located in London Ohio right off of I70 (exit 79). The secure and easy all-access connection to your content. SCB-260: Center Bolt: 2 : Sort By: View; 12 / 24 / All; 1 2 3. Meanwhile, to keep the Flex air suspension running for an extended period, always check the airline, airbag, and air springs for any leaks. Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by Davidlee, Jun 25, 2013. Part Info (205)221-5203 Request Info. With the help of ride height, compressors, air pressure, air reservoir, and air dryer, a smooth and quality ride is easily achieved. Job Listing Rules. It is available to Peterbilt models such as 379, 387, 385, and 378. The suspension system (low air leaf) is a suspension system with a lower ride . The tests found that ride quality in the front of the trailer depended on the tractor suspension. 5+ Years, Please select ALL of your current, valid drivers licenses. Shawn Warman discusses how to check the Ride Height Adjustment & Suspensions on your Peterbilt truck.Visit Peterbilt Atlantic anytime at: http://www.peterbil. A comprehensive look at Peterbilt's 13,200 lbs air ride front springs on a Peterbilt 389 tractor.feel free to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Linkden and TikTok @Peterbilt Mike C follow my social feeds below. How does the Peterbilt Flex Air Suspension Work? Sign up to receive all the latest product news. Staff A comprehensive look at Peterbilt's 13,200 lbs air ride front springs on a Peterbilt 389 tractor. ft. of storage and service facilities with over 30 acres of salvage units and parts storage. Peterbilt flex air suspension directly works with coil and leaf springs. Which Peterbilt Models has the Flex Air System? Peterbilt Air Glide 210 Low Air Leaf "Twisted Sister" Drive Axle Suspension Parts This suspension hit the streets in 2003. Automotive Replacement Air Suspension Kits; Automotive Performance Parts & Accessories; Automotive Performance Shocks, Struts & Suspension; Peterbilt - Low Mount "Air Leaf" Single/Tandem Axle Rear Air . Powered by the PACCAR MX-13, the engine provides customers with maximum power and . Doesn't make any sense to me why that extra shim is there. VIN #: 1XP5DB9XX2D574427. In CDL School Now Peterbilt Air Suspension Ride Heights 14-96R This bulletin is applicable to all vehicles equipped with proprietary rear air suspensions. The Kansas City location also offers online access to all inventory at Vander Haag's. 3. there are two (that I know of) switches/sensors. I give my express consent authorizing TruckersReport and its. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Bumper-to-Hood Seals. 389. Upgrades to 4 shock system. Comments that include personal What are the Peterbilt Flex Air Suspension Parts? #1. The air spring installed is monitored by the truck for ride height and internal air pressure. also make sure that your driveshafts are in phase, ie yolks on the same plane. Due to air leaks and overwork, the compressor may fail. MPB75728 Peterbilt Air Leaf Spring Hanger, OEM# 03-07328M001. General Freight, Car carrier, tanker, lumber, auto hauler, Heavy equipment, asphalt, logger, agricultural products, General Freight, heavy equipment, snow plow, 6.50 inches (Single Drive) and 8.50 inches (Tandem Drive), Car carrier, general freight, dump, refrigerated products, General freight, city delivery, lumber, auto vehicle, emergency vehicle. Springs 12 Kenworth Air Glide 130 Peterbilt Air Leaf Springs Another Part 13 Unavailable Hair Pin Clip Sorry, there are no products matching your search. Peterbilt Front Air Leaf. These springs swap with one another for the pressurized and flexible air springs. Peterbilt Torque Rod for low mount Air Leaf. Moisture is inevitable. See Stengel Bros. Springs and Suspension Reviews at In 1998, we added a Truck & Trailer Sales lot located off Cliff Avenue that is now home to over 200 used trucks, trailers and equipment. Prestige - Sterling Gray. It's just a regular air leaf, nothing special. It has over 50,000 sq. Springs, Steering, and Suspension Specialists. It offers truck, trailer, and equipment sales, online parts locating services, and has all inventory online at Vander Haag's. Shop online, stop in, or call the Vander Haag's team today! Front Suspension & Steering: Harnesses. Whether youre a truck driver or operator, its crucial to know these parts to identify which part is having troubles, leading to a failing air suspension. 3 Years FRONT REAR IS SOLD, rear rear inventoried separately. Enjoy our hassle-free online checkout or call to speak to an expert. If you have an account, sign in with your email address. All Rights Reserved. 6-11 Months leaf springs. Ride height is defined as the . Please Call. Create Estimate. Its used truck parts and service facility is just 6 miles south of Council Bluffs on Interstate 29. It's the same as the Kenworth Air Glide 210L (AG210) and 400L (AG400L). We are excited to bring our quality recycled truck parts to Texas, along with stocking a large array of new and rebuilt components. 1 is behind the left front tire. Peterbilt Flex Air system is an older air suspension system of the brand. Suspension, Bushing; 1 3/4"OD x 6 11/16''Lg x 5 7/16" c/c, Side Bar; 6 5/16"Lg x 4" c/c x 1 1/4"Thk, 1 1/16" Pin Holes, Kit, U-Bolt; Square Bend; 3/4" x 4" x 7"Lg, 3 5/8"-19 5/8" Range; Use w/All Height Control Valves. Our Council Bluffs location has over 80 acres for trucks and parts, and 31,000 square feet of showroom and shop area. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We offer truck, trailer, and equipment sales, as well as new, rebuilt and used truck parts. Buy. Sealed type, non-rebushable. SEARCH INVENTORY. Enter Original Manufacturers or Aftermarket Leaf Spring Number in the Search Bar on Top of the Page to find the springs for your truck! Req. Your Price: $69.97 In Stock Peterbilt Hanger Air Leaf Suspension. (419)842-8088 Request Info ITrack Pro Central Avenue Truck Parts Sylvania OH. Req: OEM Reference: Remarks: 1: 338-2349: Hanger For better vehicle performance, you can adjust the height of the Peterbilt Flex air suspension. Its biggest advantage, however, is that its the most lightweight. Dirks1348 - Peterbilt Air Leaf Suspension Rear Shock Absorber With Stud Upper Mount $ 86.00 Add to cart; Dirks1224 - Peterbilt Rear Suspension Top Plate . Peterbilt u-bolt torque Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by Davidlee . Details 6 In Stock SKU MPB71 $47.26 Torque Rod Bracket | Peterbilt Torque rod bracket MPB71 for Peterbilt FlexAir, Air Trac and New Low Air Leaf and Kenworth AG380 Air. PART SPECS. We As you might have known, ride height is the gap between the ground and the lowest component of a vehicle, typically the axle. Products (Total Items: . Lightweight Stamped Aluminum. Chassis Fairings (Mold-in-Color or Painted) Under Cab Closeouts. Well-Known Member. Combine this with our excellent product knowledge and access to our 7 other locations' inventory, our goal is to make parts available for you to get your truck operating as soon as possible. According to the OEM, the front. SKU TMR518F $121.32 Our Sioux Falls location has been around since 1992 when Vander Haag's purchased an existing salvage operation. Peterbilt Low Mount AirLeaf Rear Air Suspension69 Peterbilt front suspension298 Peterbilt AirTrac Rear Air Suspension72 Peterbilt AirLeaf Rear Air Suspension75 Neway Single Point Trailer Schematic78 Neway RTS Trailer Schematic81 Mack front DM, MR, R suspension292 Mack front DM, MR, R suspension292 $ 341.95 . Advanced Aero Mirrors. reached, inspect all the torques in the drive beam, drive bracket, shock bracket, and air spring. feet of storage under its roof. 2 pack of TORQUE Front Axle Air Spring Bag for PACCAR (Replaces Firestone 9933, Firestone W02-358-9933, Peterbilt B81-6023) (2 x TR9933) . Oct 30, 2013. 2-2.1 The Air Supply. In addition, the flex air suspension is the reason behind a quiet performance of a vehicle. The table below provides ride heights for ready reference. The Flex air suspension has compressed air that contains moisture., Heavy duty repair and upgrades, Dayton Parts, Stanley Springs, Batco, truck and automotive parts including springs, king pins, suspension, and steering -- custom quotes on special order parts. We service heavy trucks as well, and recently added two new service shop bays to our four existing bays. The component weighs 38,000 lbs. However, Flex air will still work better because higher ride height is difficult to maneuver and can be dangerous to handle at times. Peterbilt 379 Suspension Spring Hanger - New | P/N 3382059 Suspension : AIR LEAF | Material: STEEL $335.10 Peterbilt 379 Suspension Spring Hanger - New | P/N MPB75745A Suspension : AG400L $308.51 Compare Frequently Bought Together Peterbilt 379 Shackle $121.30 Add To Cart Peterbilt 379 Front Leaf Spring - New | P/N 75212 $410.48 Req: OEM Reference: Remarks: 1: 327-483: Spring Pin; 1 1/4OD x 6 7/8Lg x 5 5/16 c/c: 6: . ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE USE OUR [Leaf Spring Request Form], 75-170HD Heavy Duty Peterbilt Leaf Spring Assembly (Made in the USA), 75-178HD Heavy Duty Peterbilt Leaf Spring Assembly (Made in the USA), 75-202HD Heavy Duty Peterbilt Leaf Spring Assembly (Made in the USA), 75-105 301663 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-107 301992 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-108 200490 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-109 302158 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-110 200171 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-111 302160 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-114 200277 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-117 302729 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-119 300751 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-120 200664 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-122 200519 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring, 75-123 300725 Peterbilt Multi-Leaf Spring. From complete engine overhauls, frame modifications and equipment intalls to typical maintenance, our bays are ready for your business! So when this problem occurs, the issue is the air dryer and not the compressed air. PTD Air Cleaner. 2003 PETERBILT . 1-5 Months You may also hear clunking, whining, grinding sounds from the component. As you may have observed, Peterbilt Flex air suspension is not the most powerful air suspension of the brand. Come check out our completely remodeled 4000+ square feet parts showroom and sales counter area! This suspension hit the streets in 2003.

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