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We will be taking a look at some of these units in greater detail over the week once we have had a chance to crunch the numbers, but my initial reaction is positive here with some cool options for adding some fun units to bolster your Space Marine army. In addition to being recommendations and not rules, theyre just kinda boring. (LogOut/ Credit: Jack Hunter. The Necrons get a new fortification in the form of the Sentry Pylons these have made the move from the Heavy slot freeing up some precious Heavy choices for more Doomstalkers! Nice of you to share! Credit: Jack Hunter. Nice buff, and considering they are my favorite troop unit, I am certainly not complaining. The key difference is that theyre no longer HQs or Characters, so extremely stupid combos involving relics and warlord traits are banished to the shadow realm. The first is that the units in the Chaos Space Marine section reference the keyword, and where they do, they tell you to refer toCodex: Chaos Space Marines. Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for STAREVER of ROUBAIX, HAUTS DE FRANCE. Theyre still not amazing they dropped from being toughness 9 down to toughness 8, though picked up a bit of improvement in their guns. This has changed somewhat from the previous incarnation, and arguably is a little worse for your foot slogging troops. If one of the shields takes damage but isnt destroyed, itll regenerate at the beginning of your command phase, which is cute but is unlikely to regularly happen in practice as most decent alpha strikes will go through both of the shields. On the whole, the Kytan is better as a unit, but still worse than it was in 8th edition because its a Lord of War and in 9th edition those are terrible if they cant be your Supreme Commander. For the Space Marines we get a couple of new rules introduced the main one that is going to effect most peoples list building is the introduction of the Martial Legacy ability. This isincredibly bad;for some units itll just limit to your ability to include multiples but more than likely itll just make some units unplayably bad, since theyre likely to be overcosted before you include the CP. Pallas Grav-Attack: Lost the -2 to charge grav ability, but is 10 points cheaper. Forge World formed a key part of competitive play in 8th Edition, offering a wide range of additional options for some factions alongside some very cool models for players who wanted to try something different. We also see some sneak peaks at what weapons may look like in a future Astra Militarum book with a Vanquisher cannon being listed as S16, AP -4, D9 with +1 to hit Vehicles and Monsters I am suddenly very glad i went with rule of cool and armed my Krieg Leman Russ with a Vanquisher cannon! The Venatari Spear is now flat 2 damage (fuck you D3 damage) and grants an extra attack. I reckon the Studio have done a great job here at bringing together all these profiles updated and tweaked for the new addition with baked in compatibility to their parent Codexes. With a big laser: cooler. Having to use a Lord of War slot on this is, obviously, kind of terrible, but its also extremely hilarious, and has been pushed hardenough cost wise to make it at least fun to use. This tradeoff is whatever right now; nothing you really want to take has Smokescreen. The melee weapons got a substantial shakeup too, the leviathan no longer loses attacks for taking guns, and instead always has at least 4 attacks each siege claw gives an additional attack with that weapon, and the siege drill does 2d3 damage against most targets, or 6 damage against vehicles. Whether you want to reclaim the galaxy with the Necrons, burn it to a cinder with the Chaos Space Marines, or convince everyone to join the Greater Good with the T'au Empire, this book contains the datasheets and the points values you need.. Units have also had the CORE keyword added, setting them up to be futureproofed for a future Custodes Codex. Imperial Armour Compendium | Forge World Webstore One small complaint I have here is that it looks like the Force Org icons for the Command Squadron and the Squad are reversed with the command squad in fast in error! Such an awesome model and can't wait to paint more! You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Most notably, the damage of both modes of the flamer has gone down to one, and the other gun has lost AP and the ability to deal MWs to vehicles, and theres really nothing else here thats going to make up for that. Unsure, but in the meantime it is very much still a Land Raider, with all the problems that entails. They no longer give hit re-rolls, instead repairing a vehicle and reloading any once-per-battle weapons. 800 pts, but what do you get for that? Similar to the Space Marines we get a lot of traitor variants added, along with a new stratagem Smokescreen added in order to replicte the ability that Space Marines currently get in their book, again future proofing this volume until the Chaos Space Marines book is updated! Time will tell. Thankfully they do also get a small benefit in the ability for a vehicle to fire on a 4+ when they are killed, making it a danger at times to take out Krieg vehicles, especially ones with nasty weapons! Notice it also isnt CORE, so maybe no rerolls for you in the future. While not as inexpensive as it was at the end of 8th, if you can afford the 3 CP for a superheavy auxiliary detachment its totally usable. How To Paint Everything: Creating, Basing, and Painting Area and Tournament Terrain, Necromunday: Buzz Lightyear Hyperspeed Trucks in the Ash Wastes. So yeah, 2+ save, and 5 points cheaper for what you probably were already doing with this unit. Also it still moves 14, see the Loser section. Losing the grav rule hurts, especially against potential reserve charges. Imperial Armour Compendium is an Imperial Armour book for the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. On the plus side, almost all of them saw points drops, except the Castigator. Its tougher, its way meaner on the offence, it starts with its 5++ and grows a 5+++as well if it devours something and only pays an extra 20pts for the privilege. As with the Space Marines we see a number of points adjustments that bring both of these forces in line with each other. Its much easier now to drop in a single thing without needing to fill out an additional slot, but youre less likely to be taking multiple. It probably still doesnt cross the line to being actuallygood,but Im certainly looking at the arms of my largest robot son contemplatively. Like the Rvarna, they do get a massive point cut, but here it comes with correspondingly massive decrease in capabilities. Also RIP Samus, who has been consigned to the Legendary dustbin of history. All flavours ofMalcador also go down a lot in cost, and while it probably doesnt make them competitive, like a lot of things it stops them being as hateful to use. Most notably, its aura now has a 6 radius, making it even easier to use it to shield your forces. Out of the other units, theTesseract Ark also got cheaper (especially if you swap the cannots to particle beamers) but its tough to say if it truly ends up as a winner because of the change to Quantum Shielding, which is definitely a major downgrade on it. Also the only weapon that costs points now is the Arachnus Storm Cannon (which costs the same as before effectively), so every other weapon load out is cheaper now, which is cool. Fundamentally, the ability to build yourself an incredibly deadly melee missile at a cut-down price is restored, so I guess enjoy that! 9th Edition Imperial Armour Compendium: The Goonhammer Review Hes still got two casts and denies and is still way nastier/tougher in a fight than most equivalents, so may still be the one of the better inquisition options. The Inquisition get a couple of updated profiles for Lok and Rex bringing these guys up to date! All told, the leviathan takes a substantial hit to both offense and defense, balanced out by dropping all the way down to a base 220 points, and only up to 240 with the common double storm cannon loadout. The points have gone up a little, but taking everything together Ithink theres still a unit here, just sitting in a very different role than we used to see. The Lords of War are all kind of losers by virtue of there being no real way to slot them into an army now that the Supreme Command detachment has changed. I absolutely do not think doing so is a good idea for your army, but its in a similar spot to a few other things now where it probably isroughly costed right for what it can do, its just that factors of the mission design still keep it non-competitive. Custodes Telemon Dreadnought. The 5 included chapters are as follows: Red Scorpions Ultramarines with Inheritors of the Primarch. Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Armour Compendium - Forge World 40k 9th It lost the ability to shoot twice. Also gained the -1D taken Dread ability we have seen the Marine Dreads get, got an extra base attack (reasons), and got 5 points cheaper. Each titan has a different number of void shields, from warhounds with 2 up to warlords with 8. We see quite a few units get tweaked to remove degrading profiles too, such as on the Blood Slaughterer. Note that all of these datasheets are considered to have theHateful Assaultrule since they have all rules that apply to all Chaos Space Marines datasheets, but its not listed on the datasheets here themselves, making it one of the more roundabout ways of doing this. Trojans are the other huge loss. These rules are better than what we used to have, and their costs do sit in a more realistic range than before, but paying 3 CP to take a greater daemon with no exalted abilities is weak sauce. Thunderers go down quite a bit in points, but lose Grinding Advance. Unfortunately for Tau players, the Yvahra finally gets knifed in the back, fulfilling a long-held vendetta festering in the hearts of many players who ran up against them in early 8th when they were actually good. The Reaper has been dialed back abit from its absurdly pushed position in Chapter Approved, going up a few points and being standardised to the Raider profile, but it keeps the ability to be Covens so can still abuse Dark Technomancers to your hearts content, with the big profile of the main gun even getting a damage boost. Aquilon Custodians [CORE] : Fists and bolter is 5 points cheaper!?!?! The Dreadnoughts really eat shit here. Much the same as their imperial counterparts! The Kustom Stompa not only gets a decent points cut to 800 points, but also gets ome much improved weapons such as the Belly Gun now getting 3D6 shots! Definitely seem fine here, as you reduce the variance risk a lot. Carab Culln takes most of the generic leviathan nerfs (see below), and also loses out on both his feel no pain aura and most of the interest from the death-hold special rule it no longer lets you hit for mortal wounds and simply lets the heavy bolter fire with no penalty at units in engagement range. The big thicc dreadnought is somewhat more svelte now its dropped from toughness 8 to toughness 7, and from WS/BS 2+ down to 3+ on both. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. TheMagaeraandStyrixboth get a boost, with their siege claws gaining a sweep attack thats straight up better than stomping feet, being flat damage three and otherwise identical. Thanks, guys. While recently they havent needed them quite as much, there were certainly times when Hellforged Deredeos and Leviathans were big business, and Ive run a Kytan Ravager on more than one occasion. So if you were debating trying it before, it is certainly more tempting now (but still D3 damage, ugh). Credit: CrabStuffedMushrooms. Whats awesome is that they dropped from costing 900-1000 points down to only 600, so can actually be used (if you can stomach spending 3 CP for a superheavy auxiliary detachment and an additional 1 CP for Martial Legacy). Agamatus Custodians [CORE]: No weapon or stat changes, but the base chassis is 5 points cheaper which is swell. It gets a few compensatory improvements, but nothing that makes up for the scale of increase on a unit where the appeal was how cheap slamming three on the table was. Finally,AdMech get the same incredibly busted improvements to the Termite as everyone else, and keep their two Secutarii datasheets. Likewise their Dreadnoughts also get the same damage reducing abilities to bring them inline! What about the new thunderhawk rules? Regiments of Renown The Goonhammer Hot Take, How to Paint Everything: Weathered Copper/Bronze and Patina, Competitive Innovations in 9th: Peak Warhammer pt.2, Interviewing the Top 3 Kill Team Players from the Kill Team Open, Goonhammer Historicals: Mugginns Road to AdeptiCon 2023, Kings of War: Day 2 at Clash of Kings Australia 2023, Infinity Tournament Report: St Albans Smackdown Satellite, Feb 23, Tale of Two Noirs: Hard City and Crescendo of Violence RPG Reviews, Hammer of Math: Brutalis Dreadnought and Desolation Squads, That 6+++ Show | Episode 27: International Team Tournament (ITT) Review and Recall, Competitive Innovations in 9th: Peak Warhammer pt.1, Arks of Omen Faction Focus: Genestealer Cults, The End and the Death, Part One: Goonhammer Review. In this book you. Credit: Jack Hunter. It retains the CORE keyword, and if you arm it with a kheres assault cannon or multimelta and dreadnought close combat weapon it costs the same as the codex version (well, and an extra 1 CP cost.). You Give Goonhammer Writers Serotonin. The Red Scorpions, Minotaurs, Blood Ravens, Astral Claws and Carcharodons are all represented here along with characters including Chapter Masters for you to lead your forces with. I have been crying out for the Augmented Mount to be usable on any strength of attack, as previously this was locked to S4 and below only, which was a little situational. Hecaton Aiakos is the clear winner here. imperial armour compendium 9th edition pdf trove Wings: Seriously, this thing is off the charts good now, to the point where I wonder if the melta shots change is a typo this seems to out-compete most main battle tanks, never mind transports. RIP. All the titans are losers (except the warhound). Custodian Guard with Adrasite/Pyrithite Spears [CORE] : Pyrithite spears got the new melta rule of half range equals D6+2 damage, but also went up by 5 points, so a slight nerf overall. Finally, the dark horse that I am hoping doesnt turn out to go anywhere of the units in this book with titan in their name, the Revenant Titan is probably closest to being decent in a Strike Force game. This means that until we see an FAQ or errata saying otherwise, these units areoff-limits to Thousand Sons and Death Guard. We see some randomness removed in the Orks, especially with the Grot Tanks and Mega Tanks who now have a movement of 6+D6 rather than 2D6 making them a lot more reliable in regards to movement! Nice that it is cheaper, but otherwise /shrug. If youre going Krieg, its because you love the models or want to declare cavalry charges! Like with the other forces, the Xenos factions also see some tweaks and adjustments to their datasheets, along with some points updates We will be digging a little deeper into each of these factions later in the week in some more detail, but theres some great changes across the board. The deathshroud cannons have also been augmented with Blast on both modes, and the big shots have also gone to flat damage two, while the inferno lance gains the new melta rule and is going to be able to deploy that straight out of deep strike. Galatus Dreadnought [CORE]: Down to 9 wounds from 10, but now doesnt degrade. The Gargantuan Squiggoth can also fall back and charge and even move over other units as it they were not there, something lacking in the current sheet making it easy to pin then down. The Dreadspear melee attack is now 3+D3 damage, vs D6 minimum 3, which is a nice boost, but it does lose Impaling Lunge so no more chance at mortals on the charge. Someone at Forge World really loves drills. He did also get whats probably a downgrade in being declared a Terminator, but if you were planning on warping him in anyway its much of a muchness. Boo. Still immunity to melta extra damage? Start Competing: Chaos Space Marines Updated! 11 named characters, most of which youve never heard of cover the above 5 chapters + the Salamanders. The Tarantula Battery also makes the move to a Fortification slot, making taking 3 units of these very tempting for some objective defence! They all picked up a substantial number of wounds, with a warhound now having 50 wounds and a warlord 120, but dropped in toughness, with the warlord the only titan at T9. Fast, durable-ish units that are OK in melee is absolutely something the guard range is badly missing for 9th, so it does feel like a Krieg Vanguard or Outrider to use some of these is a genuinely plausible option. This makes the Exalted Daemons much easier to take in a game, and I cant wait to include them in lists again as they are some of my favourite models and deserve to be on the battlefield again! Meanwhile, the Tantalus gets ahuge price cut in exchange for trading out the weird warlord no one cared about and is also pretty strong as Covens. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Todays Forgeworld Preorders Imperial Armour Compendium andNecromunda! The Imperium section of the book is fairly chunky and contains a shed load of new profiles and rules! Last for this section, theTaunar almost certainly works out as a loser. Since Veterans have a real use case at the moment, this seems honestly fantastic. Loyalist Knight Atrapos. Its also a really well organised book making it much easier to use both during a game and while creating your list. Uraka, CorBax, and Mamon return, as well as some of the really big greater daemons. Alright lets start with the cool stuff that only Chaos Space Marines get, instead of the things we share with loyalists. Terrax-pattern Termite Assault Drill-Credit: Pendulin. The Marshal still exists, but sadly without his Memento Mori, which is a shame as I felt that was a great upgrade. Such a fun and nostalgic time painting this up - used @redgrassgames wet palettes, @duncanjrhodes and @thearmypainter paints and can't wait to paint up some more! Ill have to use my converted tech priest as a Warpsmith I guess. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. We also get a nice two page spread telling the tale of the Death Korps of Krieg and the hellish world they herald from. Sicarans in general also bumped up to a 2+ save, making them surprisingly durable, and took a substantial points cut. All The New Imperial Armor Compendium 40k Rules - Spikey Bits The Firepike is now 15 range, so a 3 boost which is neat. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. The rest are what they are. Effectively this is the second movement nerf of the Cerastus variant (because reasons). Depending on how the meta moves, this could help or hinder the Ares. Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Armour: Compendium is available now from Forge World for 40. In a move for anyone who loves the Mole Launcher too, the squad can now have this as an attachment too rather than having to replace squad members! We also have full reviews of both Codex Supplement: Space Wolves and Codex Supplement: Deathwatch, both also up for preorder today! This was a stand-alone book release from GW's specialist sister store, Forge World, to bring in-line a number of their special/limited edition miniatures with 9th Edition. Previously this rule made you immune to battleshock from ranged weapons, meaning that the enemy had to kill you to a man if you wanted to shoot the Krieg off an objective. A welcome an unexpected change, in addition to the fact that the Solerite Gauntlet is now flat 2 damage (fuck you D3 damage). Much better than the past, where overcharge always did damage and staying still merely let you shoot volley fire twice. The Kharybdis Assault Clawmight be for you. What stats do the turbolaser have? Look, theres atonof content to cover here and weve barely scratched the surface. Engineers are less exciting they lose their weird super shotguns and are basically kind of boring. Grab a brew and paint/chat with us!

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