jacuzzi pool cleaner troubleshooting

What can be wrong. "url": "https://blog.intheswim.com/" Hi there ah you have an old Baker Hydro skimmer, it sounds like. If the cleaner is receiving power, but not moving, faulty or old wiring is likely the cause. That said, watch out for tiny particles making their way inside the cleaner through the filter as well. Find the best Hot Tub Repair near you on Yelp - see all Hot Tub Repair open now.Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Centennial, Colorado. My robotic cleaner is 4 years old. My Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend Pool Cleaner is floating, what would cause that. Overview: As the global leader in third-party hotel management, our growing portfolio represents over 1,550 hotels in all 50 states and 22 countries, from top international lodging brands to luxury hotels, destination resorts and lifestyle hotels. We offer swimming pool artificial rock staining and recoloring, acid wash, tile repair, deckoseal and mastic. Hi Amber, check the piston to be sure that it moves freely, sometimes some grit gets stuck in there, or the piston gets into a bad angle and wont slide freely in the chamber. How can I get it to cover the entire pool? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you identify pump problems and how to fix them. $49900$624.98. It is a genuine item that is supplied by the original manufacturer for use with Jacuzzi spas. For this problem, all you need to do is adjust the thrust jet, located on the back center, where the water sprays out. May 5, 2017. Now since it works and then stops working, i dont think anything is clogged or restricted. Backwashing helps, but never as good as it used to go all the time. When cleaning swimming pools, use chlorine-compatible cleaners. If not, there is a problem with the motor or wire connection to motor. "caption": "In The Swim Blog" 116 hires on Thumbtack. Check the in-line strainer(s) for debris slowing down the water flow to the cleaner. the spot where the cable connects to the cleaner is also under stress from being lifted out of the pool by the cord, when it does this problem, lightly move the cable and see if you can get movement, if so, shorten and reattach the cord. Visit our pool cleaner parts department for all the parts mentioned above. If your pool cleaner seems slower than normal, look for the cause of the pressure loss (or suction loss). Once the PV brushes are soft and pliable, the robot should start lying flat on the bottom of your pool. Hi, likely need a few new floats. Really need help or ideas. Is this normal? Worn tires will reduce speed and wall climbing ability. I have a Pentair Easytouch control system and Pentair Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter CCP420. Reduce the speed of the cleaner if it jams on convex or concaved spots on the pool floor. Suction side pool cleaners typically are not designed to clean pool features (waterfalls, steps, or ladders). Hi Tammy, from the Aquabot AquaJet Owners Manual: http://www.sparcomanual.com/ManualFiles/Automatic%20Cleaners/Robotic/Aqua%20Products/AG%20AquaProducts%20Manual.pdf Take a garden hose with high pressure, spray into the Valve Housing at each Valve Port opening. Hi Deb, it depends on what model you have I would search online for the owners manual, and then go to the troubleshooting section in the last pages, and look for your symptom. Also check for obstructions inside the hose and verify all hose connections are secure. Powered by the pressure side of your pool pump system, pressure side pool cleaners dont use your pools filtration system to filter out debris. If threaded, you could use Teflon tape or other thread sealant on the male threads, to help seal it up. The repair was done quickly and effectively, and the technician took the time to explain what was . Heres a manual with more troubleshooting tips for The Pool Cleaner, aka Tracker, aka Poolvergneugen, aka AquaNaut. Pump shafts spin at almost 3500 rpm, create tons of friction, and produce heat which can eventually make some parts break down. See if the wheels have an adjustable axle, which is loosened and after moving the wheel, retightened, to make the track more snug. Another slim possibility is a solar return valve that is open, which is a line connecting the return line to the main drain line, on some pools back in the day. Any suggestions? If the pump being too large is the issue, a small bypass can be created, with a 3-way valve, to send some water around the filter, unfiltered, or a larger filter I suppose, would also be a good choice. In such cases, redirecting the eyeball fittings or nozzle can fix the problem. They arrived on time and diagnosed the problem with my hot tub quickly. There are available two flow restrictors, one blue and one red, that can be inserted in the wall fitting, where the filter strainer is located. You may find other tools in your shed that are sized just right, to fit inside of the part, grabbing it so you can turn it, perhaps pruning shears or something else of the right size and shape If that doesnt work, you may have to end up destroying the part, to remove it. Two hose floats are used (2), on the Leader Hose, or the hose connected to the cleaner, placed at 20-25 from the gray cuff end that connects to the cleaner. What can I do to make it stay on the floor longer and actually clean the bottom of my pool? One solution is to stretch the hose out along the pool deck in the hot sun, using weights if needed, to straighten out. hello, i have a the pool cleaner x4. Check the owner's manual and the appropriate diagrams . In such a case, pierce it with a long screwdriver, or cut it with a hacksaw blade, to remove it in pieces. The cleaner pumps water but doesnt moves. i have an aquabot, it only cleans the walls of the pool, it goes up and down, moves across the pool but tends to only clean the walls. Hi Robert, does the power box led indicator do any flashing, indicating an error? "author": { Ok, when it only goes backwards, that also can be a piston problem. A clogged basket or dirty filter are the two main causes for a sluggish suction side cleaner. 04 Why is my pump noisy? Pool cleaners require timely replacement of pool cleaner parts to operate at their full potential and prevent failure. Hi maria, sounds like a puncture or split in the hose, or a loose hose connection sucking air. Suction cleaners also need a clean pool filter to move and vacuum well. With over 10 years experience in replacing covers for all Jacuzzi models, we are sure to have yours on file. Details. DE filters can also bypass debris with a missing air bleeder screen or sock. I am looking for advice how to change its pattern, like moving wight on the hose changing hose length by adding or removing one section what is the best way? A good troubleshooter tip to finding air leaks is use shaving cream around suspected leak areas in front of the pump (see above), and see where it sucks in. Clean those areas manually with a pool brush. Dolphin nautilus plus. Do an RPM test by holding the cleaner under the water surface and counting wheel revolutions for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4. Ideal for use in small pools or hot tubs. I have a legend platinum cleaner. Also be sure that both internal jets are spraying strongly, and the tail and thrust jet also spray strongly. Adjustments to the adjustment arm (the one with the spring on it) can provide a bit more room or play between the parts. Hi Rosemary, I read thru the manual https://www.intexcorp.com/support/ and it did not address air suction between hose sections, but I would first make sure all connections are tight (I assume they are threaded, but maybe they are twist lock). Pisces Pool Service Oahu. Check the wall stainer, inside of the wall fitting for cleanliness. Secondly, check the flow as the cleaner may need more flow, If you have the Flow Gauge still, you can use to verify that that the flow gauge reads 5 or higher. Greener Spa Cleaner Top Pro Exceptional 5.0 (140) Great value Offers remote services 230 hires on Thumbtack 1 similar job done near you Suzanne O. says, "David is professional and knowledgeable. Thank you, I have read several comments about too much pressure. after removing the basket from the skimmer, there is a horizontal pipe on the pool side and a horizontal pipe on the deck side, but nothing on the bottom. The floating cords can break inside the casing, without any external damage, especially near the cleaner, where it enters the cleaner. Hi Courtney, If you have disconnected the hose from the head of the cleaner and have good, strong suction at the end of the hose, but nothing when connected to the cleaner head Look thru the cleaner for any obstruction, Remove the diaphragm and inspect for rips/tears, be sure it is positioned properly and the compression rings have not slipped offinspect the inner extension pipe for cracks. By Pool Cleaner Model Browse support pages for your specific pool cleaner model. Thanks. So, either your driver motor is not turning on, or it is turning on but is not engaging something, starting from the small T pin on the motor spindle, to the tightness of the belts, or small missing clips or parts that prevent movement. CENTER. Also check the hose to verify that pressure is not lost somewhere along the line. (2020) Jacuzzi Play Owner's Manual. }, 2nd in the deep end it will go up and down the floor never transitioning to climb wall and stop after about 10 minutes. 2 reviews of Budget Pool & Spa Tech "I recently had a hot tub repair done by Budget Pool and Spa Tech, and I couldn't be happier with their service. You may notice that the cleaner moves, but doesnt climb the walls. Choose your model and in only a few easy steps, order your brand new cover now! We have The Pool Cleaner sweeper. Why isnt my robot cleaner cleaning the algae in my pool i have shocked my pool several ti.es and the stuff falls to the bottom Of my pool but my robot wont pick it up. Making adjustments to the cleaner pattern as described above may produce different results, allowing the cleaner to make a better approach to the wall. Suction pool cleaners work based on your pool pumps water flow. Why wait around for your pool cleaner at home when you can clean your pool regardless of where you are With the convenience of iAquaLink app control for on-the-go cleaning and remote control capabilities, the Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ offers enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius and greater agility to propel the cleaner up walls and over obstacles. Also check that the hoses are firmly connected to each other, and that the swivel is swiveling, where the hose connects to kreepy. Clean pool with pump & filter before using the Jacuzzi Comet. If not, thats an important part of installation. Hi Mitch, that could be dirty filters, weighing down the cleaner, or perhaps the impeller on top is not spinning correctly. Secondly, make sure that the wheels are properly adjusted and not missing teeth or any small parts. In such a case, you could modify the wall fitting, by drilling holes in it, to relieve some of the vacuum suction on the hose sections. Where a cleaner is spending too much time on the walls, the foam pieces can be removed to encourage more floor time. This happens to polaris and letro cleaners too some times, the sweep tail can get sucked up into the throat and into the bag. (2020) Pre-Delivery Guide. Hi Molly, if there was one available for your particular make/model, you would be able to find it on the manufacturers website, or on our website probably too, for the particular step that you own. Each product has been expertly engineered and crafted with pool owners in mind. The leaf bag could be also full, holding the cleaner back from powering around the pool. Cleaning large debris is one area where suction-side pool cleaners tend to do poorly compared to pressure-side and robotic pool cleaners. Secondly, the cleaner could be overpowered. Adjusting the two vents can also affect the direction of travel. I watched it and its running into the wall and staying put, refusing to reverse. I have a Leslie Merlin pool cleaner. If it sticks on a raised main drain cover, look at the UniCover, which creates a smooth transition from floor to drain. There are three main types of pool cleaners: suction side, pressure side, and robotic. Check the hose to ensure there are no kinks, holes or joins where pressure is being lost along the line. For flow below 5 or RPMs below 11, you will need more flow. I have a Polaris 9650iq. . }, It runs slow on filter mode (sand filter) but it runs properly while backwashing or running water to waste. The randomizer isnt moving. Solution You'll need to determine exactly what the problem is by examining a few things closely. The more i turn my 3 way diverter valve to vac position the more i get air and my pool vac wont move. Any ideas? Polaris style), or hose connection, something new needed! Ive been having an issue with my vacuum tangling around the bottom of the a-frame stairs in my above ground pool. Our associates around the globe are passionate about serving our guests and driving exceptional results, and thrive in a culture where everyone is . Pool Cleaners, Pool & Hot Tub Service. Follow the suction side pool cleaner troubleshooting tips below to solve any issues. Can the inner parts be bad on the valve not allowing it to suck enough? Leaves, rocks, or other rubbish in the baskets will reduce your pump's water flow and slow down the suction side cleaner. learn more. Hey guys and gals, DO YOU NEED A NEW POOL COMPANY?! I have an aqua jet electric that worked great for 5 years. "width": "611", Learn More There is no debris in the pool. This was a gift with no receipt. First step - check your pump strainer basket and impeller. Use the pool brush (great exercise), to brush the pool early and late in the day, when its not so hot outside. Setting up the vacuum is a simple matter of attaching suction hoses into the pool's pump system and turning the pool pump on. You can count RPMs of the wheel, should be between 11-13. Marin Pool Service 101 Pool Cleaners, Pool & Hot Tub Service Serving Novato and the Surrounding Area Closed Request a Quote Bay Area Spas 63 Pool & Hot Tub Service Serving Oakland and the Surrounding Area Closed Request a Quote Clear & Clean Spa Service & Repair 51 Pool & Hot Tub Service Serving San Francisco and the Surrounding Area Closed Its sole purpose is to operate the impeller. Hi, if the skimmer is empty, pour a little dish soap (just a few drops), to act like a lubricant.

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