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Thurg armor is introductory level, still better than planar. Unfortunately they have the longest 2.0 Epic, although the payoff on it is huge. Please enable Cookies by changing your browser options. Check out this Illusion Guide. Turn off attack 2. Mostly towards the later stages. It contains many changes that have been made to the game since 1999, such as maps, Krono, a more configurable UI, the removal of "hell levels" and race/class experience penalties, custom chat channels and serverwide or cross-server communication, the ability to memorize spells via right-clicks, the ability to "Find" specific NPCs or locations, and many other enhancements. By most descriptions, a "Classic" server is an attempt to recreate EverQuest exactly as it was at launch, using only assets and content that was available in March of 1999. It seems like it's possible to get both the introductory Thurgadin armor as well as Skyshrine, but if you get the armor from Kael, that's the ONLY armor you can get due to being enemies with both of the other factions. This is a "stat stick" item. Timer 4, Twisted Chance (65) LDoN Increase critical chance 500% and always hit. )1x Vial of Quicksilver Temper Crafted (Brewing, Trivial 135, Brew Barrel)1x Fungoid Sap Dropped (The Deep, an ancient shrieker)1x Meteor Dust Dropped (The Grey, a sun revenant)1x Shiknar Ichor Dropped (Fungus Grove, shiknar mobs)1x Shissar Blood Dropped (Ssraeshza Temple, Shissar mobs), (Borik Darkanvil, Southeast Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500). This same zone guide will also tell you how to get there . Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices.If you are a resident of California, please view our California Privacy Disclosure. Raid targets on progression servers now have the ability "Mark of the Old Ways". [ ] Kill The Rathe Council in Plane of Earth B and Hail A Planar Projection to receive Mound of Living Stone. Always prioritize Strength and Dexterity. [ ] Complete 1 of the 6 Trials in Plane of Justice, Loot Mark of XXX from trial boss [ ]Say mavuin sent me to one of the The Tribunal in the trial room. You can click the associated Map to find the leveling area that applies to you. Clockwork Forge in AkAnon, createsClockwork Sewing Kit) Cannot buy this until possibly Dragons of Norrath, Half Elf Small Brick of Rilsteel Bought (Multiple Vendors, Merchant Niwiny | -190, +140, Kelethin (Greater Faydark). © Copyright 2008-2022 Almar's Guides. Check out this. Lasts 5 ticks. Lots of people like X! See also a couple of quest rewards added for the first set of Progression servers: Highway Protectors Mask, and Cloak of Hazy Memories (reward for Fabian's Strings). Q: What is an EverQuest Progression Server? Additional content and expansions then unlock over time, depending on the specific rules of the various servers. Plane of Hate - Current layout, with population after first loot revamp. Hail Thelin Poxbourne at the end of the event to zone out. This level range will be the first level range where you can fill pretty much every single slot on your character with a piece of Attunable gear that is much better than whatever Defiant Gear would normally go in that slot. (Youve received a character flag!) Guktan Forge in Gukta, createsGuktan Sewing Kit) Cannot buy this until possibly Dragons of Norrath, Gnome Small Brick of Fortified Bronze Bought (a clockwork miner | +760, -150, AkAnon. Defiant Gear is some of the best gear you can level with in the entire game until a certain point and then it becomes some of the worst gear you can level with in the entire game. Experience: Live (Faster than Classic and Progression). Q: Will Veteran Rewards be enabled on Progression Servers? Ruleset: True-Box Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 12 weeks, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer. These are all turn ins to Thach Jerden in the Plane of Knowledge, returning an armor item specific to your class. 5) Now we can move onto the actual flagging process. ), Bastion of Thunder [ ] Optional At least 1 person in the raid must be able to activate the stone to Agnarrs Chamber using the Symbol of Torden Key. Deadeye (54) Kunark Always Hit. You need the appropriate Latent Ether drop, and combine in a class specific Ethereal Attuner. Plat. We have updated our Privacy Policy. A Progression Server is another EverQuest server, and therefore runs alongside existing servers. 22 min cooldown. This lowers your aggro while attacking. Say researched to Loreseeker Maelin. [ ]Go back to Mauvin and Hail him to receive a flag. [ ] Kill Saryrn in Plane of Torment and hail A Planar Projection. Daybreak, the Daybreak logo and EverQuest are trademarks or registered trademarks of Daybreak Game Company LLC.The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. This is a server where each player will only be able to play one EverQuest account from his or her computer at a time. This is a server where players vote on whether or not to open the next expansion. [ ]Go to Plane of Innovation with your Quintessence of Elements. Subscribe to YouTube! Hide This allows you to be invisible as long as you dont move, Sneak/Hide Combination Using both of these skills simultaneously allows you to move around unseen to both undead and regular mobs at the same time. Ruleset: True-Box Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 4 weeks, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer. ), Plane of Tactics [ ]Kill Vallon Zek and Hail A Planar Projection (Youve received a character flag!) You will need at least 6 players in your raid to request a raid instance, and the players in your raid need to be level 46 or higher. Jewellery items are: ears (x2) and fingers (x2). This guide assumes the following: - Your group can kill effectively in the given zone. If the vote fails, it will be held again at a later time. (Youve received a character flag! Plane of Justice [ ]Speak to Mavuin in Plane of Justice. Halls of Honor (HoHA) [ ]Complete Trial 1 (Northeast Trial Dragon) then Hail Trydan Faye to receive flag emote: An ethereal mist descends from the air and surrounds your very being. Lasts 2 ticks. It has much better stats than Othni, but has a chain look (on all classes). TSS Leveling Guide 55 - 65. Guide HERE. This page is quite large so I recommended you zoom your browser out if you want to see more of the list at once (Ctrl + Mouse Wheel). This is a server where loot has been randomized across rares and raids. To start off youll want to make Shadowscream Steel Gloves to 262, and Shadowscream Steel Cloak to 267. Join Discord. Immune to Fear for 1 minute. Level is capped at 10 levels below the original level cap of the newest opened expansion, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer. These servers are fresh servers where all players will begin their adventures from level 1. Half Elf Forge in Kelethin, creates Half Elf Sewing Kit) Cannot buy this until possibly Dragons of Norrath, Halfling High Quality Metal Bits Crafted (Vale Forge in Rivervale, creates Vale Sewing Kit). Qbert Gallifreyan. This is a weapon used by Clerics, Druids and Shamans so it won't be that expensive in The Bazaar (if it is even listed). **, I recommend doing the steps below more than once throughout the flagging process. No. The great thing about Rustic is that the 10kpp investment in the combining box is a one-time cost - you get to keep it for subsequent combines. Level this up a bit if you plan to do your 1.0 Epic. Plane of Fear - Population after the first loot revamp. - and keep you up to date on how each one works. Q: What is the difference between a Progression Server and a Standard Server? Only 1 person needs this. Veteran Rewards will become available once Gates of Discord is unlocked. Standard servers have all race/class combinations available, and players can reach the maximum level cap (currently 105) with no restrictions. We want you to play several EQ characters at once, come join us and say hello! Temple of Marr (HoHB) [ ]Kill Lord Mithaniel Marr in Halls of honor B and Hail A Planar Projection (Youve received a character flag! Run Speed is also important since it raises your movement greatly while sneaking. We might! (Youve received a character flag!) 5 min cooldown. 15 min cooldown. (5x Youve received a character flag!) New Hero's Forge Keyring. [ ]Say I will test the machine to Giwin Mirakon inside the factory door. Everquest Progression Server Info Class: Race: Progression: Level: Deity: Current gear level*: This changes whether your stats count as capped! Say guided meditation to see the status of your current flags. Guide HERE. Recommended skill 130+ at least. Level up Pick Lock as its useful for several expansions Check out the Rogue 1.5 Epic Guide on this site and start working on tradeskills early, this way when OoW hits youll have a lot less to do. Rogues primary focus is on Offensive Discs. Feb 17, 2023; ), Plane of Innovation [ ] Optional Kill Xanamech Nezmirthafen to get factory door key. It lowers your movement speed but +Run Speed buffs and AA can counteract this. He should at least be done before and after killing the Zeks , and also after killing Saryrn. Completing this quest will yield you Vah Shir Anvil, Humming Luclinite Mallet, and Luclinite Mallet. - You aren't getting carried. A Progression Server usually starts out with only original EverQuest zones (plus some early additions). An EverQuest Progression Server is a special server that launches with only a subset of the game's content (usually just the game's original zones). show no-drop items ignore haste / focus effects must have primary stats 1 HDex = increased proc rate 3%, up to 100%. [ ]Complete Bertoxxulous Event in Crypt of Decay and Hail a planar projection. Ninja's Guide to Looting. Rogues can never tank well at any point in the game so dont worry about HP, Stamina, or AC too much, just keep them up as needed. A lot of the early Attunable gear we're going to buy comes from the named mobs in Dragonscale Hills. Q: Can I claim loot rewards from Legends of Norrath on Progression Servers? I believe you get 7 AA total, but that could be off. Teir`Dal Forge in Neriak 3rd Gate, creates Teir`Dal Sewing Kit), Drakkin Small Brick of High Quality Ore Bought (Boiron Ston | +25, +320, Multiple Vendors, Eastern Trader Building, PoK. While you may be able to wear it, the item will not give you any benefits. Both 1.0 and 2.0 are very strong Level up Pick Pocket early as its used in the Rogue 1.0 Epic. Players should be within 10 levels of one another. [ ] Hail Elder Fuirstel again in Plane of Tranquility in the Sick Bay. However, it is worth doing the hot zone quests from Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge for the shoulders, back and waist items, although the high quantity of experience given for each daily quest is enough justification. Press Hide 3. ), Plane of Valor [ ] Optional Obtain Crystalline Globe to open AerinDar Door. Iksar Forge in East Cabilis, creates Iksar Sewing Kit), Ogre Small Brick of Adamantite Bought (Puglala | +100, +850, Oggok. The bracers require, Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal (Triv 168), Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal (Triv 179), Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal (Triv 188), (Plate Bracer Mold (168), Small Plate Helm Mold (179), Breastplate Mold (188)), (Drops in most PoP zones from random trash), (Brewing, Trivial 212, skill 220 required, Brewing Barrel), (Sirekoth Eshe, Eastern Trade Building, PoK | Loc: +100, +280), (Baking, Trivial 15, Mixing Bowl, Makes 3), (Darius Gandril, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +55, +1520), (Loran ThuLeth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -114, +1415). You will have a full set of visible armor from this, but not jewellery or non-visible gear. Guide HERE. All rights reserved. A set of tier one tradeable drops from House of Thule zones (Feerrott, the Dream and House of Thule) will also be available: Terror Infused. Not all discs are listed here, just ones you wont want to pass up. Lasts 5 ticks. Remember what the color codes are for: [ ] Green Steps are NPC dialogue or zoning related [ ] Red Steps are boss kills/fights [ ] Italic Steps are not required flags. Strength Increases your Attack and encumbrance limit Dexterity Increases proc chance/accuracy Stamina Increases HP Agility Increases Avoidance AC (not super effective until Heroic, but isnt useless either). Everquest 65/70+ Gear Upgrades This page here is to go over the importance of getting rid of your Defiant Gear past a certain level. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices.If you are a resident of California, please view our California Privacy Disclosure. x Ingredient that varies based on race (outlined below), (Boiron Ston, Eastern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500), (Chainmail Bracelet Pattern (122), Chainmail Coif Pattern (132), Chainmail Tunic Pattern (142)), (Yields 2) 1x for Bracer (122), 2x for Helm (132), 3x for Breastplate (142), (Borik Darkanvil/Boiron Ston/Borik Darkanvil/Blacksmith Gerta (not available in TLP until later, All NPCs in PoK), Use the following recipes to make Fine Plate Gear up to 188. Defiant Gear is some of the best gear you can level with in the entire game until a certain point and then it becomes some of the worst gear you can level with in the entire game. So, two more points of clarification. Weren't augs a later addition? It also provides a damage shield at the ratio of 1 Hstr to 1 Damage Shield. The higher the damage of the weapon the more damage Backstab does, but keep ratio in mind as well. Features we added later in the game to speed the path from 1-50 (or 70, or 85, or) such as revamped Newbie quests, Defiant armor, and Hot Zones, all exist. On the unlock schedule for this server, the following expansions will become available: The Ruins of Kunark, The Scars of Velious, The Shadows of Luclin, The Planes of Power, The Legacy of Ykesha, Lost Dungeons of Norrath. Be sure to sit down. Your body begins to emanate with the power of Alekson Garn. Some maps may have a yellow star on them. Timer 5, Deadly Aim (68) OoW Increases throwing damage 150%. EQ Setup (New/Returning Players) Map Background Color Editing; Rulesets and Info; Zone Leveling Guide; Select Page. Join Discord. At least 1 person will need this. Since the Defiant Gear is Attunable as well there isn't much new here and there is no reason for me to go over what Attunable gear is. ), Plane of Torment **Note: To be able to speak to the NPCs in Plane of Tranquility to start the Torment flagging process you need to have completed PoDisease/Crypt of Decay/PoNightmare flags correctly. From 65 you can buy the Elaborate Defiant earrings and rings from the vendors in the Plane of Knowledge, but they are rather expensive. Search for Abstruse in The Bazaar. Guide HERE. I am not that experienced with experienced with Leveling in Gates of Discord, especially pre-level 65. **If you are having a flagging issue you may have to go back and forth between Grand Librarian Maelin and Seer Mal Nae`Shi a couple times to fix your flags.**. There is a quest youll need to do before you are able to make any of the combines. Beautiful new Zones to explore. Timer 3, Deadly Precision (63) PoP Backstab always hits. Q: What is a Voting Timelocked Progression Server? Ruleset: True-Box Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 8-12 weeks with early expansions unlocking more often, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer. The TDS equivalent is Castaway, which drops and can be bought with Pieces of Eight; access to Katta Castrum: Deluge (tier 1) in TDS is required. Without further ado, here are our big plans for EverQuest 2023! Planes of Power is unique due to a lot of the zones being locked behind the flagging system. Ruleset: True-Box Level Locked, Time Locked Progression Server - Accelerated rate of expansion and level unlocks up to level 60 at which time expansions and level unlocks return to a normal rate of 8 and 12 weeks. The maps show the average levels of the mobs in each area of the zone. 1 person per group will need the key. 20 min cooldown. This is subjective and some may be a bit off but overall the goal is help you decide where you may like to go. Legs: detrimental spell haste, increased double attack, Arms: increased spell damage (fire), increased chance to crit (melee), Head: Faerune (see invisible, ultravision and water breathing), increased spell damage (magic), Wrists: increased spell damage (poison, ), Back: increased beneficial spell duration, Shoulders: reduced detrimental spell mana cost, Ears: increased detrimental spell duration, increased chance to hit (archery/throwing), pet focus, Fingers: reduced beneficial spell mana cost/increased beneficial spell range, Neck: increased healing, improved parry/block, Range: increased spell damage (corruption), improved dodge. [ ] Kill Solusek Ro and Hail a Planar Projection (Youve received a character flag!) [ ] Xuzl [ ] Arlyxir [ ] Jiva [ ] Rizlona [ ] The Protector of Dresolik. Run Speed is also important since it raises your movement greatly while sneaking. Erud Forge in Erudin or Paineel, creates Erudite Sewing Kit), Froglok Small Brick of Valorite Bought (Zok Drup | -1740, -50, Gukta (Rathe Mountains). In cases where items were completely removed, those items will either stay removed or be available for a very limited time on Progression Servers. As the tank merc starts to wind down, and mobs power up as the expansions move forward, it is worth regearing. If you've been around for a while, you'll remember that we added Heroic Characters in 2014 at level 85. These replaced the old runes, words, or pages that no longer are useful for research and are intended to be sold freely. After all of these expansions have unlocked, expansion content will NOT continue to unlock on the Agnarr server. Lasts 2 ticks. At level 50 The Steppes, Blackfeather Roost, Goru`Kar Mesa and . SELL. This should let people group up with friends but still be able to find things to kill and see plenty of other players. you must zone into Halls of Honor from Plane of Valor after killing Aerin'Dar for the first time). Heroic Dexterity Combat Effects/Accuracy Combat Effects (proc rate. Rogues also have the easiest 1.0 Epic on TLP servers so get it ASAP. B. TSS Everquest Guides This is the index page for all of my The Serpent's Spine guides. [ ]Kill AerinDar and Hail a Planar Projection (Youve received a character flag!) These are a little more complex to acquire: you need a Rustic tradeable drop item from Veil of Alaris, a template made by players with high trade skills, an adorning agent for your class and a Reliquary of Refinement, both purchased from Yaun in Argath. In cases where we have updated or changed the layout of zones, Progression Servers use the updated version of the zone geometry. Torment of Velious is EverQuest's 26th Expansion! Unlike the other pieces of gear these necklaces actually can get a bit pricey because people know their worth and how good they are compared to what else is out there. Ruleset:Voting Timelocked Progression - New expansions are voted to be unlocked about 12 weeks after the previous expansion's raid targets are defeated. We have updated our Privacy Policy. Use this always when attacking. Lasts 1 min. Fine Plate Gear. What about holiday events like fabled mobs or hardcore heritage? Cazic-Thule - The form after Rubicite was removed. 3) There are two key NPC's in Plane of Knowledge: Seer . AA Recommendations Rogues are nice because they only need a couple hundred AA to have their core offensive abilities. Click machine to zone into Plane of Time. Most cities and raid zones are excluded from the list. You may see many items such as "exquisite platinum etched rune" and "gold embossed runes" on some creatures. If someone wants to add to the progression for each slot with higher level items feel free. * (Youve received a character flag!) Keep in mind that the combine for the Cultural Sewing Kit must be made in the Cultural Forge of your hometown. ***, 2x Brick of Ethereal Energy Dropped (Drops in most PoP zones from random trash), 1x Ethereal Temper Crafted (Brewing, Trivial 212, skill 220 required, Brewing Barrel)1x Emerald Tea Leaf Bought (Sirekoth Eshe, Eastern Trade Building, PoK | Loc: +100, +280)1x Soda Bought (Klen Ironstove, Inside the Eastern Trade Building | Loc: -107, +237)2x Celestial Essence Crafted (Baking, Trivial 15, Mixing Bowl, Makes 3) 1x Concentrated Celestial Solvent Bought (Darius Gandril, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +55, +1520) 3x The Scent of Marr Bought (Loran ThuLeth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -114, +1415), 1xTanaan Smithing Hammer Bought (Boiron Ston, Eastern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500). The bottleneck is Leather Padding, which requires reagents that most commonly drop in East Karana. Mobs level scale to average group level. Armor Progression This is about what you should be wearing, and when: weapons are a different topic, and far more class specific. While we don't expect them to be needed for that purpose on Agnarr, most of the Noble Exchange NPCs already existed in the world and they now allow players to send and receive parcels in addition to their service as merchants. I do read the messages! Rogues scale well from buffs such as Shaman Avatar line, Bard Overhaste, Beastlord Ferocity, and Ranger attack buffs. Share On: Nov 20, 2018 The Shadows of Luclin expansion unlocks on the Coirnav PoP-Locked Progression Server on Wednesday, November 21, 2018! 1x Needle Mold Bought (Borik Darkanvil, Southeast Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500), 1x Thimble Mold Bought (Higwyn Matrick, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +120, +1480), 1x Water Flask Bought (Borik Darkanvil, Southeast Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500), 1x Ingredient that varies based on race (outlined below), Barbarian Small Brick of High Quality Ore Bought (Boiron Ston | +25, +320, Multiple Vendors, Eastern Trader Building, PoK. 40 min cooldown. Subscribe to YouTube! New Spells, AA's, Gear, and Armor. Youll also need to use different molds and a varying amount of Sheet Metal based on which piece youre making. If you collect 300 dream motes (from the Bazaar or by completing quests in House of Thiule zones), you can purchase from the tier 1 set of jewellery and non-visibles (of Fearful Reverie), which cost 30 motes each, and only require apprehensive faction (the default). 20 min cooldown. Especially if you begin to see. This is important to mitigate damage and to resist stuns. If the vote passes, the expansion unlocks. Only 1 person needs this. These are another slight upgrade over Heros. If it is a modern system that is enabled on live servers for everyone, it will be in place. 30 min cooldown. [ ]Complete Carprin Event and Hail Tarkil Adan in Crypt of Decay to gain Access to Lower Floor. Q: Will Recruit-A-Friend or other account-based bonuses apply to Progression Servers? These and account bonuses will not apply to characters on Progression Servers. Depending on your server economy, you should be able to buy a few pieces at least at any time of year, but they will be much more available in late summer. It's still worth mentioning though as it is much better than the Defiant Weapons for this level. 3) There are two key NPCs in Plane of Knowledge: Seer Mal Nae`Shi and Grand Librarian Maelin. If you follow the normal rules for levelling and use a tank merc, this set will last you into the 50s. I do read the . Generally GoD is best for 65 AA grinding or possibly grinding 65 70. Remember that if you are a pet class (magician, necromncer or beastlord), you will want to reserve one ear slot for a pet focus. 10 Heroic Strength = 1 max damage. What is /Pickzone? Yes, augmentations weren't added to the game until Lost Dungeons of Norrath, but these augmentation vendors were created specifically for Progression servers with the intent to even out the disparity between casters and melee weapon users. purchased in Shards Landing from Master Armorer Synlaris, which make Boreal armor. Alright so, starting at about level 65 to 70 is when the Defiant Gear starts to take a turn for the worse. This is an extremely popular cape for these levels as it is pretty much better than anything else you can use here for these levels. Don't make the mistakes I did. 52pp per Ore. Get them in whatever order works best for your setup. We have also enabled technology to dynamically increase the maximum number of characters allowable on a server at any given time. You will also have access to Faycitum items from the Dragonscale Hills merchant and quest NPC, Fenden Helter. Q: How have pets changed for Progression Servers? No, you no longer have to find your corpse in order to retrieve your items if you die. Getting your casting skill and defense skill up is far more important than any gear. High end means all stats including AC are capped. However, Wood elves can make Cultural Fletching Kits up to 163 (see Wood Elf section for combine details). Only enough people need to do these to keep your raid moving forward. Lasts 5 ticks. During the Hardcore Heritage events over each summer, two sets of level 71 required visible armor appear: Glowing Athlai and Glowing Othni. Rogues scale well with buffs and during Planes of Power get the AA, Rogues also have the ability to change into many races. Areas marked on maps do not consider named mobs as part of the level range (typically named will be higher). Gnome Shadowknights, Gnome Paladins, Halfling Rangers, and Halfling Paladins will launch with Luclin. Our progression servers have to co-exist with live servers, so we need to have the same geometry running on all of them. What began with the original launch of the game in the spring of 1999 continues over eighteen years and twenty-three expansions later. [ ] Complete the Keeper of Sorrows Event in Plane of Torment and Hail Tylis Newleaf who spawns at the end of the event. Plane of Disease [ ]Say what ward to Adler Fuirstel in Plane of Tranquility outside Plane of Disease (Youve received a character flag!) [ ] Go to Plane of Tranquility and Hail both Fahlia Shadyglade and Tylis Newleaf in the Sick Bay. If you have that NPC targeted and check the "Send target information" box in a /bug, it helps us find and fix the problem much more quickly. Q: Why can't you make a Progression Server that does X? Strikethrough is not effective if youre behind a mob. Once you get Shroud of Stealth AA in Planes of Power, it allows you to be invisible to see invis mobs as well. This guide is to help give ideas on what you may want to get. Not all discs are listed here, just ones you wont want to pass up. LoN provides rewards that are not in era for Progression Servers. Once Attack becomes a mod, youll also want to get to the attack cap from gear, which is 250. Click the door nearby to enter Plane of Earth B.

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