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Its pretty nifty we found it in the chimney.? David. The "Closure Division" section starts noting it produces "Metal No labeling, but has diamond embossed ring around neck and canada dry . Round. off center on base: Owens Illinois I in oval, diamond. ~David. Exactly what type of bottle are you referring to? The bottom of the bottle has DES PAT 87834 then below that is a circle with D8 on top then 64-8 below that. $4.55 shipping. ~David. Thank you for looking. I was hoping you could give me some information and history about this jug. This marking is not on the base itself and there are no other identifying marks. On the bottom of the second it has the symbol with a 9 to the left, 51 to the right and 4 under the symbol. Lynchburg daily Virginian. Hello I have enjoyed reading all of the comments on the bottles. I dont know enough about the Canada Dry brand and their many bottle variants over the years to make an educated guess on which year is most likely. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. It appears to be a 78 date code but with the old mark used by Owens-Illinois. Any info on this bottle would be greatly appreciated. To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies. prohibition and why this author originally used 1933 as the date (and why all Thank you in advance. No material may be copied for Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. similarly named "Pharmaceutical and Proprietary Division" products.). Check out which online shop has the best price for Rick Owens DRKSHDW long-sleeve rib-trimmed hoodie in the Egypt. Vicki, single digit date codes were still used in the 1960s and afterward. advertisement earlier than the one noted above. Thanks for all of the information you have gathered and shared on this page! Gabe, normally a number positioned directly below the Owens-Illinois logo is a mold number. Your bottle was made by Owens Bottle Company (O in a square was their trademark) and it would date from sometime in the 1919 to 1929 time period. Its brownish and about as long as my finger. The best I can tell it reads 4 IO Diamond Logo 3 I cant tell for sure if there is a period after the 3 due to the stippling of the base. Evidently the Brownie sodas were made for some period of time (1940s-1960s??) The early, dark olive green (almost black glass) medicine bottle pictured above left is embossed on four sides with C. BRINCKERHOFFS - HEALTH RESTORATIVE - PRICE $1.00 . The only 89 number is for a distillery that came about nearly ten years after the bottle was made! The 56 to the right of the logo is a date code for 1956. The 6 on the right is probably a date code for 1936 or 1946. This is on the base of a small green glass jar, perhaps for an ointment. Thus, a plant code 11 (used at the Evansville plant) may have been left as-is for some period of time after the mold was moved, and might have been correctly later, but the date code was retooled. liquor bottle section; "F" for Food, and so forth, although the I purchased a Kolbs Bavarian Type Brew beer bottle. Diamond with oval logo. I found a bottle in a farmhouse basement that is green with the I O diamond mark. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. I cant be sure what year your bottle was made, but it possibly dates from the 1930s or 1940s. On many bottles, a single-digit date code along with the Diamond/Oval/I mark may indicate the 1930s. ~David. Directly beneath that, all in one line, there is a small 14, then a larger 39SB and then after that a smaller 0. I have a clear glass, 1 pint, flask/bottle measuring 3.75 Wide x 2 Deep x 7.5 tall. I love these old bottles but anyways could you please help me out man. The mark is on the bottom and is about 1 from one of the edges. I assume that is the case with your bottle. This particular bottle was made at plant number 7 (Alton, Illinois). From the markings you describe, your bottle sounds like a generic or standard type of fifth liquor bottle made by Owens-Illinois. It boasts 80 plants in 23 countries and more than $6 billion in annual sales. Division" products and the beginning of the "Beverage Division" products (26 I found a Dads Root Beer 10-oz. Any idea of the year it was made, Laney, Hi David, Mind if I butt in? Of course it can still be used for practical purposes and if in decent condition (no cracks or chips) will always retain some utility value, regardless of collectability value. Any ideas on what date this jar may be from, and which plant ? The M-889A is almost certainly an identification number assigned to that particular bottle design (or bottle mold) by Owens-Illinois. You can find an online list of liquor bottle permit numbers by doing a google search with those four words. The official registration number was #0390467.. "First use anywhere" and "First use in commerce" was stated on the paperwork (submitted to . If so, the date code would probably be for 1956. together over a period of several years beginning in 1930 and ending in 1935. ), there are two basic types of mold numbers: 1) A range of numbers assigned to a series of IDENTICAL MOLDS being used to produce a particular type of bottle. of the IGCo. Sorry, I had the numbers in the first time I entered my comment which did not take so I had to rewrite. There may be a close similarity, but dont be surprised if you see something just a bit different in the finished product. I found a Duraglas bottle with the cap on the shores of Lake Michigan in southwest Michigan. http://productmanufacturers.blogspot.com/2012/10/owens-illinois-glass-company.html, Hi Nic, Thanks for the link. and molded closures for the O-I products. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. This doesn't necessarily conflict with the previously noted statements that Without seeing the base code markings, it could theoretically be earlier or later (depending on what glass company made it, and if there is glassmaker mark and/or date code on the bottle). I found a brown amber, half-gallon jug. Your website is so helpful as Im finding old bottles around my house. Just as a very general date range, I would say they are definitely more commonly seen on glass made before about 1920. Sometimes additional information about the bottle can narrow down the date range. product - "I agree, that it looks like a work in progress. 43M views 5 years ago Enjoy a very satisfying clip of machines forming, analyzing and testing a glass bottle. Mfg mark of a Diamond with an I surrounded by an O. Best regards, The side at the bottom is marked 4/5 quart which I know equals a fifth in slang terms. Hi SAMRK, Id appreciate any help at all, thank you so much. The bottom of the jug is not smooth, has a very textured finish. The BB48 marking was used on some Owens-Illinois milk bottles for a long time, but I dont have info on just how late the mark was used. Libbey in the 1930s, and in 1935 absorbed the The Design patent number 90023 was issued in 1933, but I cannot say with absolute certainty when your bottle was made. catalog is dated from between 1930 and 1935. It was O-Is dating practice before it switched to double-digit coding. One more question regarding the distiller code, any leads? They were usually made in 5-gallon sizes. Dont Know what this stands for? Beau Schriever, Bill Lindsey and Carol Serr. Dating old ink bottles - Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. 56 is the date code for 1956. The numbers are mold numbers and/or date codes, but Im not 100% sure about their exact meaning. I dont have definite info on the other markings. "classified index" of bottle styles. Hi Shannon, I didnt know about that plant. In your case I suspect the 3 is a mold number, not a plant code. David. I would guess 1943 but cant guarantee it! On the bottom it has the O inside the diamond but DOES NOT have an I inside the O. Most of the pics show the first and most widely recognized mark used, beginning in 1929. My husband was uncovering a rock wall along our property and came across a Duraglass bottle. After the merger (1929), I could see a directive for all branches (and) Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. However, with a bit of time one can figure The patent was in effect for 14 years, so, theoretically, bottles of that design could have been made anytime from 1935 to 1949. David, Hi I collect milk bottles which were made by some of the plants in Ill. 17 is on the left and 82 on the right. Also, on the bottom is HILEX reg. 3 WINE Any ideas would be very much appreciated. This catalog includes what has to be the most comprehensive array of offerings I did a search on ebay and found a couple listings with that number embedded in their item descriptions. is 6. However, there is no better source for determining potential use and period Thank you in advance! I knew that but in my haste to answer Marks post, I forgot the bottle was also marked DURAGLAS. Like I said it looks like the patented bottle but then it has the additions to it. My father was a longtime employee for OI My mother worked for Libbey Glass .The collection we have are OI bottles We are interested in finding out more on their history . Thanks for any thoughts you have. In this particular case, I have a La Fendrich Humi-Jar with the O-I diamond & oval entwined with an I center and 7 (plant), 1 (date code) and 2 (mold number). There are no other markings aside from the makers mark, although there is a thin, faint seam on either side of the jar. u.s. pat. All, or most, liquor (whiskey or other distilled liquor) bottles made by Owens-Illinois Glass Company bear a D-code on the bottom which is a distiller permit number. Division" products (17 catalog pages) - Includes a continuation of Valerie, 56-41 Includes an array of traditional and new styles of liquor, liqueur, bitters and I am trying to find out the range in years of the glass I found. Dirty on the inside. David. Im sure the info is out there somewhere, but Im not sure offhand exactly when the Duraglas brand name was discontinued (not sure if it HAS been discontinued??). David. Since there is no period behind the 0 I assumed it was the 1930s but it also has raised letting on the foot of the bottle saying Duraglas. Under that is the Duraglas Script and below that is a 1. Height is about 2in or so. David. Also handwritten along the side of that same page is the notation "Catalog finished Dec. I understand the 2 means Huntington, WV, the 3 is a mold number, but is the 5 for 1955 or 1945? The jar says Presto supreme mason with manufactured by owens illinois glass company on the back. pages) - Includes more toilets, perfume shapes and bath salts, round, square styles and Above is the older owens-illinois mark with 9 on left and 5 on right. David. Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Hello, 1930-1935* Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Set includes three bottles in various shapes and sizes.One Pepsi Bottle(1981) -Half Liter Swirl Glass Bottle. Each mold is identicalbut would be numbered from 1 to 12. Incidentally, because the date code is 7 I suspect your bottle might date from 1937. On many liquor bottles made by Owens-Illinois, the number on the left is a Liquor Bottle Permit Number, not a plant location code. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Thanks for writing, and I hope this helps! $4.39. Maybe 1955? Hey David! D-9 is a distiller code. USD 29.87, USD 37.34 They are probably medicine bottles of some sort. The beginning of the "Beverage Division" products includes an The bottle is clear and has 4/5 Pint four times in a ring around the base and a very obvious seam line running up both sides. David. of Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Hello Shay, David. The ABM (Automatic Bottle Machine) might have a set of 12 molds (or mold cavities) installed for making the bottle. company posted on this website have also received significantly more user SHELL-PENN GLASS 1 QT MOTOR OIL BOTTLE, its 14 1/2 tall. Owens Illinois Duraglas Green Glass Bottle Vintage Emerald Green Decor. Owens-Illinois Inc. currently [2020] operates 20 glass manufacturing facilities within North America. And the 27 is the mold number? In any case, most of the bottles I see with the Duraglas marking seem to date from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. I looked up the permit number in a document and the permit number wasnt listed. commercial purposes. I have no idea if your bottle was made in 1947, since you dont mention any numbers on the bottle that might possibly be a date code. If your bottle carries the old logo, I think the chances are highest that it stands for 1933, but I cant guarantee that. Vintage OWENS 3i Fluted Embossed Glass Bottle - Clear Graduated Medicine Pharmacy Bottle - 3.5" Tall SilverliningByTravis (4,299) $14.50 FREE shipping Antique Owens 3iv Apothecary Bottle With Cork TackyShackOutlet (120) $15.00 Owens Medicine bottle VintagestudioByCarol (5) $15.00 FREE shipping Hope this helps a little. Earned the 99 Bottles (Level 49) badge! Best regards, sauce bottles, fancy vinegars and cruets, more packer and coffee jars, mustard, The only info I can pass along would be that your bottle was made at their #9 plant (Streator, IL) and was made in 1967. and still use. However, I would submit (my guess) that in some of these instances, the bottle mold might have been moved to another plant but the engravings were not all updated (retooled) correctly on the molds. I just purchased an apothecary bottle from an antique store with a lot of wonderful markings, and decided to start with the makers mark first because I thought it would be easiest. It may be misinterpreted as the number 1. Libbey Glass Company Cursive L mark on the base of a Gibraltar pattern tumbler in Spanish Green (sage green), Angular Glass Containers Corporation mark, used beginning circa 1933- 1960s? Those types of decoratively designed bottles were often saved and re-used as decanters or vases. that year. My site is not really geared toward values, and more about the history of glass, so I cant give you a definite value. ~David. I do have an interesting liquor bottle that I would like to just make sure I decoded correctly. David. The Diamond and oval superimposed with an I in the middle was phased out during the mid-1950s (although a few bottles carried that mark later, even as late as 1966, as explained in my article on Owens-Illinois) so your bottle was made at the Fairmont plant and almost certainly dates from 1948. Any information about this bottle would be very appreciated. manufacturing dominance of this company at that time, the bottle styles listed in The coke bottles should last you found in collectible soda bottles. Thanks. Hope this helps, Note: Any of these bottles that are found in a very strong, dark purple color HAVE BEEN IRRADIATED, meaning the color has been altered in recent years. Beautiful, the owens-illinois, as a bottle is 5. File #13: End of the "Prescription Ware Division" products and The 55 liquor bottle permit number indicates the bottle was made at O-Is Huntington, West Virginia glass plant. I understand the 7 and 1, but would LOVE to know what the 2 specifically stands for in relation to the mold and to have a listing for all O-Is mold numbers in general. where he lives (PA.) that liquor bottlers (aka "bootleggers") purchased and used ?? USD 83.99, USD 167.98 It has half the Duraglas trademark in the center. David. Thanks I dont know of a foolproof way of knowing, at least on that bottle, which date is correct, although my guess would be 1940. Atterbury EASTLAKE bird mug in pink alabaster or pink clambroth, made circa early to mid-1880s. catalog many times for the conclusive identification of bottles beginning of an index of About the Federal Law Forbids phrase.it is apparent that some bottles continued to have been made with the marking even into the early 1970s. Can any one help me? Bottle Catalog. The 5250 is, I believe, a code number for that bottle type. I am a collector of all things King Kalakaua. Original Price USD 6.31 Can you provide any more information, please? I found an old brown glass gallon jug with this diamond and oval with an I inside symbol on the bottom of it. "Food Container Division" products (23 catalog pages) - Includes more packer [.] And how would I know which year its from? Note: Several of the plant numbers used by O-I were re-used by other plants that opened in later years, so it is important to take into consideration the date code, the bottle style and other characteristics to positively identify which plant location made a particular bottle. on top duraglas in cursive below plant code #3, i inside of O, single digit date code of 5 (no dot) and then mold number of 15. On the bottom of the first one it has the symbol with a 9 to the left, 2 to the right (looks like an S honestly) and a 6 under the symbol. The general look of the bottle is also somewhat similar to some bottles used for pickled products, olives, and in some cases, honey. Found an antique medicine bottle (with unknown medicine inside) while out on a run through a Missouri River flood area. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These bottles are believed to date from approximately 1915, and probably were made up to circa 1929 at which time Illinois Glass Company merged with the Owens Bottle Company (based in Toledo, Ohio) to form Owens-Illinois Glass Company. David. Hi Brian, mark on antique glass bottles & jars, Letter L in cursive script mark: Libbey Glass Company, Liquor Bottle Permit Numbers Numerical List, Lynchburg Glass Corporation, Lynchburg, Virginia, M inside a circle: Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, MD, MASONS PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Fruit Jars Summary, Maywood Glass Company, Compton, California (1930-1959) ~ MG Connected mark, McLaughlin Glass Company, Vernon, California, M.G.CO.

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