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Besides, your specific Yin-Yang balance and the outfits youll create for yourself might work with hairstyles that are a bit shorter or longer. Hair should always be soft and tousled, with soft layering. But her face is broader than mine- thats why I struggle to try out her shorter hair cuts. Their silhouettes of a person have a higher contrast or hints of sharpness of these elements. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You are free to study his system any way you prefer, but its my duty as a Kibbes system researcher to let you know that theres a Facebook group called Strictly Kibbe where David Kibbe himself explains his system. Its pretty easy to find pictures of Flamboyant Gamines with long hair and harder to find pictures of Soft Gamines with long hair to demonstrate why it doesnt work on them. This sleek style doesnt feature the usual layers and texture as the other cuts. A large and feminine hairstyle will look very glamorous and fitting on a soft dramatic. All rights reserved. Soft Gamine (SG) Flamboyant Gamine (FG) Romantic (R) Natural makeup: In this natural makeup look on Emilia Clarke, you can see that she's gone with a nude pink shade for her lips, but it isn't matte. The bone structure of Soft Gamine is very similar to that of pure Gamine. Thank you and I hope that Ill be seeing you around! Striking winged effects. Use 7/8 or 1/2 (to the knee bend) instead of 3/4 length. Im a Pure Natural body type with fine, thin hair. See below for defining features of this classic kibbe body type. But even crazy outfits can add charm if they are chosen properly. Fashion icons and celebrities (Emma Watson, Tyra Banks, and Katy Perry) were also seen to sport a gamine cut, and they looked ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Here's a bunch of photos of my different haircuts in my life. Shoulder length hair is generally considered medium length, above shoulders short, longer than shoulder length long, so you got it right. Characteristics are pronounced and wide facial bones (cheekbones, nose, chin). . It is especially true for representatives of short stature. In this post I want to investigate why. Required fields are marked *. I'm 4'11-5'0 so I was kind of expecting it. If being tall is also combined with being overweight, it is difficult to talk about a petite woman. The second outfit is almost representative of Soft Gamines style. #1: Elegant Short Cut with Face-Framing Layers Save Instagram / @beto_fariaa A layered bob is one of the staple short hairstyles for thin hair types. How can a Soft gamine wear long hair and still respecting her lines? (LogOut/ Gamine (#8) and Soft Natural (#4) styles will hurt Christina the least. A longer haircut looks great as long as it does not visually overburden the figure and extends as far as the shoulder blade line. I completed my kibbe test and my result was Soft Gamine. View all posts by Alexandra Create some texture like Halle Berry does. Some soft gamines just have super soft faces. It might be expensive, but youll certainly have access to the best services and achieve the specific look you want. The masculinity serves as a contrast to your other, softer features. This look can balance the facial features, especially if you have a rounded face, and it can hide the length of your forehead. Body has more pronounced curves. We hope to see you slay that pretty hairstyle with your favorite piece of clothing. This article will specifically focus on the soft gamine kibbe body. Have sharp bone structure. Thats how I picked Cate Blanchetts wavy hair- unfortunately it didnt work for me (my unloved facial features are too prominent now). Sure, Gamines can have certain angularity, but its not nearly enough to support long strands. Think you fit the soft gamine description? A distinct waistline, generally with modest, sharp gathers, should work well. Suitable prints should be clearly defined (as opposed to watercolors), animated, round, and have a certain sharpness at the same time. Hairstyle should be picked relying on many things, such as style, outfits, lifestyle, personal preference, hair texture, etc. Soft Gamine (Yin size + Yang Body) Body Type: Soft, angular bone structure. You can be tall and fit into this category because of other features. Fleshy hands and feet. As for color, go with something distinct. Id definitely suggest to take everything with a grain of salt, but what if youll get that eureka! moment this way. I like the hair of Sigourney Weaver in You again. In my experience, Id say using different up-dos can do the trick. But the beauty of women with a girly appearance, regardless of age, is the most sensitive to it. In this article, we will be discussing the Kibbe soft gamine body type in detail. ), I try to find out s.o. Gamine; Romantic; The wildly popular Kibbe System is composed of 10 different IDs that fit into 5 main styles families. They should be fleshy and soft. The cut of the dress, the pattern, and the decorative neckline trim in the shape of a collar make the whole outfit a perfect setting for Christina Riccis beauty. How much does a gamine haircut cost at a hairdresser? A dramatics hair looks best when it is sleek and brushed away from the face, revealing the bone structure of the cheeks and jaws. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, a gamines features are delicate. you typed me as a Dramatic and Ive got so much fun now to figure out my own style I started to watch some YT to find out what Essence and Aesthetics mean in combination with ones body type (not that easy, because everything is in English and Im German our school English is ok, we have had some English and are able to survive lol) and my body type doesnt fit to my personality I think. Its so wonderful getting to the point where your personal style matches your lines and your personality, and I love the way youve incorporated some Natural and Flamboyant Natural vibes to your Dramatic lines! This is why short haircuts associated with a gamine body are also called a boyish chic look.,,,,,,, Unnatural or extremely bright looking hair colors. For more hair ideas for soft dramatics, along with clothing and style inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for soft dramatics. Lets answer some questions before wrapping things up! Softening your haircolor tends to be too tiring on you, but subtle highlights around the face or on top may accent the softly tousled look that is your trademark. Most stylists recommend bobs, lobs, and page cuts for this type. Embracing fun prints and patterns will also give your wardrobe a slight sharpness. We can see her opt for flowing dresses or relaxed hairstyles on occasion, but most of her style influence is classic in nature. The pixie cut is one of the haircuts recommended for gamines. The use of the Yin/Yang measure facilitates the description of individual types, introduces clarity of concepts, and influences the form of the blog posts. It will help you look great and feel like a celebrity! Thats a really good question! This is especially obvious on Audrey Hepburn her face looks tiny against the sleek, extremely long mane. Makeup and skincare junkie. This is often called a boyish look yet feminine at the same time. Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK. Gamine is the term for short hairstyles associated with people having a, This boyish, chic look is characterized by, To do the gamine haircut, you only need to, Hourglass figure, waspish waist, and big bust and hips. Przechowywanie techniczne lub dostp, ktry jest uywany wycznie do celw statystycznych. A classics hair looks best when it is smooth and symmetrical. A longer haircut looks great as long as it does not visually overburden the figure and extends as far as the shoulder blade line. Similarly, it features bangs that complement the soft gamine features, especially the forehead. New Short Hairstyles. The bones are small and slightly angular. With a high forehead, it is especially worth choosing bangs (like Christina Ricci). Waves and curls should be controlled and neat. Purchases made through links may earn a commission. Copyright 2023 LippieHippie. Side parts. Honestly, we think classic gamines can pull off this style. You can create a gamine look at home if youre confident with your hair-cutting skills. The skirts of Soft Gamines should be short, tidy, and shapely. It has tiny bit of shine to it, as does her eyeshadow. If you want a gamine haircut, avoid styles that are too polished or stiff. Choosing proper clothes and outfits will always give us additional certainty when determining the type of beauty. And the main key to deciphering this type of beauty is beautiful, always girly faces, regardless of age. Lets take a look at Audrey Hepburn and Sally Fields with long hair (I know the red outlines look ridiculous and it felt weird to even draw them on these beautiful pictures, but its the only way I can show what I mean! Conversely, if Yang is dominant in your beauty, styling must also follow the androgenic direction. Nose - medium or small, maybe a little wide Cheekbones - wide, slightly emphasized Eyes - large, round or medium in size Lips - full or slightly full The pure Gamine has a more boyish figure and slightly sharper features. i am definitely a dramatic classic, but i have a messy, asymmetrical, wavy blonde pixie cut that looks great on me imo. Yet, since time has changed, women and society have learned to embrace short hairstyles. In last week's post we learned about about Kibbe's Soft Classic, a style type that has the minimalist Classic lines, but with a hint of Romantic softness. LippieHippie is a reader-supported site. Similar to the photo above, this gamine cut features layers and textures. First of all, makeup should be girly and flirtatious, never heavy or exaggerated. The romantic element is an addition to her beauty, not the main factor. If you want to be bolder with your accessories, play with color! Hello, I identify as FN and I love my thick hair down or cut short and voluminous on my days off. SOFT GAMINE FACE CHARACTERISTICS The lower part of the face is wider, sometimes slightly sharper, tapering to a rather often elongated chin. Older ladies also like to sport a short style for their hair. Beading, sparkles, bows, netting and playfully sexy accessories. I am a passionate researcher and the goal of my posts aboutMetamorphosisis to share my understanding of the system with those who is interested about learning and using it. Ethereal Dramatic: The Sorceress Try: Flowing but controlled. This style also looked wonderful with the soft features of gamines. For more hair ideas for naturals, along with clothing and style inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for naturals. I am aware that Audreys image can hardly be separated from the words elegance and style shes a style icon and we tend to simply accept her looks as super elegant and flattering automatically. 1. Page, bob, lob, or an even longer haircut all of these options can be good choices. Sharp, masculine cuts (all women should avoid them) and serious, noble hairstyles (e.g., Hollywood waves or classic French buns) should be avoided. The voluminous hair on top of the head gave the impression that she had an oval face rather than a round one. "Disclaimer: The products and the claims made about specific products on this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Yes, Im studying different Dramatics and also try to find out how the personality works together with the body type. Today. I uploaded a photo of my hair now, long, down the middle of my back, but for some reason it didn't upload . on Hair Cuts, Styles, and Colors for the Body Types, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), What to do if You Cant Figure Out Your Kibbe Body Type, Hair Cuts, Styles, and Colors for the Body Types. Ive always thought my face shape looks best with hair shorter than my ears anyway, but I would love a pros take on this! We all know that poorly chosen outfit disfigures or ages, regardless of the type of beauty. The result is a cute, boyish appearance. The recommendations help you work with what youve already got. This will naturally translate into a slightly modified selection of clothing or accessories. A french haircut cuts at the edge of the face and follows the shape of the head. It helps highlight your femininity, creating a lovely look. The fact remains true: long hair or very voluminous hair is simply too large against petite Gamine features. I think that a persons natural hair color is their best, but in case youre thinking of dyeing your hair, you have some suggestions for what will also suit you. Annasophia looks lovely in the pictures from the movie set. It is especially true for representatives of short stature. I am a Soft Gamine myself and Ive tried everything, from very long hair to a pixie cut and I can tell you one thing: its not bout what you can pull off you dont have to try pulling off anything. Thanks for asking, Thalia! You can watch videos online on how to go about your specific style. A person can fit into one of thirteen different Kibbe body types. , Hi, I wanted to give an update: the more natural style works way better! As for color, something rich with subtle highlights will look gorgeous. The examples you provide are good candidates for the gamine cut for different reasons. Anyhow love your posts and blog! It is important to emphasize the waist in order to match the underlying Yin currents of soft gamine. Celebs. I dont offer typings (goes without saying the reason is mentioned above) and always make sure that whatever I post goes in line with how David Kibbe himself presents his system. ask your hair stylist for suggestions. I think that a styling trick you might find helpful is finger teasing or fluffing up the roots of your hair to add a bit of extra volume, as that will also help with matching your softness. Romantic is larger. With taller women, longer hair than recommended for short women will also work. If youve found out that youre a Gamine, then you probably ponder if you should just cut your hair (because David Kibbe clearly says that long hair wont work on Gamines). Hair can be of any length. My goal is to share my own findings with everyone who wants to learn and use this system. However, this classic cut is not only for the young ones. Draped or flowing lines may be used when they are very elongated on the body and worn with a separate (either on top or bottom) that is opposite (sharp)-this breaks the vertical. Im simply informing you about it and if you choose to join it, theres no way of knowing if your expectations will be met. Features of this individual lean more towards masculine qualities wide bone and muscle structure, medium-sized eyes, and less-full lips. David Kibbe Official Website. thank you!! What do you think I should do with my hair? Accessories are an excellent way to tie your outfits together. I'm a style blogger with a focus on aesthetics and the 13 Kibbe body types! Keira Knightly seems to be a very open, strong and powerful person and short hair do suit her (though I like also her wavy hair as in Silk Road or Pride and Prejudice- she looks more fragile and angular). hello! Asymmetrical cuts are possible is the hair is curled or waved, although this style should be finger-teased for fullness. I hope trying out a more Natural-esque hair works out for you! It will cost you around $60 to $100, depending on your location. Asymmetry. Technically, this short hairstyle is associated with a gamine body type because its believed to fit their features. Soft Gamine vs Theatrical Romantic in Kibbe Systemw/Examples, Misconceptions About Kibbe Image Identities (FG, SG, FN, D, TR, Classics,Gamines), What Is Vertical Line In Kibbes System? I have to admit, Im not super good at hair stuff in general, but Ill try to be as exhaustive as possible. Cant let a strand fall during wound care!) It shows that boyish yet chic and elegant look, and its a great compliment for such facial features. Soft gamines tend to have round, soft, and fleshy bodies. Most people think that soft gamines need to be short (under 55). The right and incorrect makeup is presented by: Reese Witherspoon, Edyta Herbu, Christina Ricci, Katarzyna Cichopek, Winona Ryder, and Margaret. Anyway, here's a visual. A short hairstyle can complement a round faces features as long as its done properly. The cut suited her features perfectly, revealing her razor-sharp jawline. For more hair ideas for flamboyant naturals, along with clothing and style inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for flamboyant naturals. I don't know that I could say no to this green, even if it's not a neutral base color. Bangs and all kinds of updos wonderfully emphasize the Soft Gamine beauty. Bouffant dresses look extremely well on you. However, regardless of height or body size, the features of all Soft Gamine women remain similar. It tends to make us look more ethereal or otherworldly, at least in my opinion (which is why Im currently trying to grow my hair out again lol). More delicate boned. What is more, it's a great choice for women with thin hair who are looking for a low-maintenance option. Hair: any structure of hair is possible, mainly two extremes: thick or thin. This is how I feel more comfortable with. A large and feminine hairstyle will look very glamorous and fitting on a soft dramatic. The overall bone structure tends to be fragile and small yet somewhat broad and angular. A theatrical romantics hair looks best when in an ornate or stylized hairstyle. While her hair does look pretty a bit longer, a shorter haircut really brings out her large eyes and the sharp, high-contrast features that Gamines are known for. A soft gamine woman can be versatile in terms of hair, and they can choose from more options than other types. , oh btw i found out im a flamboyant gamine hehe, Oh haha! This gamine pixie cut sported by Audrey Hepburn still features short bangs. Hence, its unusual for women to get haircuts, especially super short hair ones. Just working with your natural hair texture and fitting the hairstyle to the head-to-toe looks is the best idea. Use plenty of contrasting colors in your gamine style to add animation and a sense of playfulness. Body type is very curvy, but trimmer and more taut. The blush and lipstick should bring freshness and girly charm to the face. Instagram / @rodrigocintra #24: Ravishing Red Pixie If you're gonna go short, you should go red while you're at it! Just consider the celebrities I mentioned above; they rock just about every hairstyle you can imagine. Textured Bob With the added side part, this textured bob is gorgeous and full of volume. try clipping your hair into a shorter hairstyle just search, for instance, how to get bob cut without cutting your hair on YouTube, try different styling methods the book says tousled, so give it a go. Reese Witherspoon (156 cm, or 52) in Legally Blonde presented a slightly too sweet but otherwise perfect Soft Gamine style. If you have thick hair, go with a longer and sculpted look. For those who are interested, the curly girl at top right in the FN pic is @Alyssarxs on IG. However, Gamine or Soft Gamine women look much better in short, boyish hairstyles. Also dont worry about your face. On the other hand, the facial bones are somewhat wider than Gamines, often a heart shape. If you have thin and wispy hair, go for a short and layered cut. Tough she is a FN Im thinking of trying this? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. If the style is boring, the Soft Gamine woman (G and FG too) looks sad and bland. As for color, go with something soft, natural, and subtle. Emma Watson with baby bangs). Explore a hand-picked collection of Pins about Gamine Girls on Pinterest. Rub in shaping clay and pull some pieces around your face to draw attention. Great post! 1. For several years now, I mostly figured I was a Gamine, and I had settled on Soft Gamine for a while. Ive just stumbled across your blog and honestly I just have to say that I found it really inspiring and fun to read thank you for posting content. Soft & flowing. If my friend would turn to me with this question, Id say wait until youre absolutely sure and heres why: Read more: 10 Myths about Kibbe that ruin it for you. Typically, arms and legs will be short compared to the rest of the body. Im still tryin to figure out which of the Naturals I am, but I have naturally stick straight hair. Soft Gamine women tend to look better with shorter haircuts. Low side pull-backs. Soft gamine is another body type identified by David Kibbe. View all posts by Rebekah Bechervaise. Can Kibbe Gamines have long hair and is it a safe bet to cut hair short? Extreme color changes or unnatural colors can look great on gamines. Thanks! Remember that while soft gamine look has a mixture of yin yang features, they usually have more yin features. The fashion industry initially used the word to describe a style that was innocent, sweet, and childlike. Before I begin, I would like to get a quick disclaimer out of the way. You can make the most of them by choosing small, understated jewelry pieces. Most Soft Gamines from the verified examples are actresses from the 30s, 40s, and 50s - decades when women simply didn't wear long hair (only girls and teenagers could wear longer hair, but adult women generally didn't). Same as large prints arent usually recommended for petite women not just by Kibbe, but by stylists overall. A soft classics hair looks best when its smooth and soft, with a clean outline. My long hair looked great clipped up, but I looked less radiant with it obscuring my neck and shoulders when it was down. Writing only about roundness and angularities would be imprecise and would also sound terrible.). Theatrical Romantic style (#2) will hurt her a little more. However, lets take a look at her less popular pictures itll give us a better uderstanding of how she actually looked like, the woman behind the image, so to speak, click here.

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